4 Hassle-free Ideas for Window Treatments

Window treatments allow us to enrich the aesthetics of our interiors and at the same time play a pivotal role when it comes to privacy and insulation. Here are 4 cool window treatments that you could employ in your household.

1) Drapery /Curtains

  • Curtains are one of the most commonly used window treatment which could be easily fitted into any opening by simply attaching an overhead rod on to which the curtain entails. Available in various shades and textures, they are often available as a package of two panels. Sheer curtain, as the name suggests, employs sheer fabric materials involving lace or netted work.


  • Draperies differ from curtains by their use of a heavy fabric but offer a more formal and imposing look. These are mainly used in bedrooms where light control and privacy are top priorities. Hung on traverse rods, these are normally operable by a cord pulley system owing to their bulky nature.

  • Valance is a decorative feature that could be adorned to the top of the windows, accompanied with drapery or curtains, to cover the top hardware for a satisfactory look.


  • Swags and cascades are other decorative features that work in the same way as the valance but offer for a more dramatic sight.

2) Blinds

Blinds often employ a set of strips that are bound together at its end by a cord or lever. The blinds open up by either pulling it towards the top or by merely tilting at an angle.


Wooden Blinds

One of the most classic window treatments that still merits today’s use with its exquisite look involves the wooden blinds. Made with real wood, the texture brought about by the natural grain structure and colour of it complements the overall elegance of the room. Easily operable with its simple mechanism, wooden blinds tend to be sturdy and prove to be an excellent choice exuberating warmth and luxury.

  • Faux wooden blinds
    Made out of PVC or vinyl, these blinds imitate the wooden finish and manifest to be a cheaper alternative to the wooden blinds. Yet they solve problems associated with real wood be it moisture damage or natural warping.


  • Mini blinds
    Mini blinds employ a similar mechanism of the blinds but as the name suggests, tend to work for small window sizes and are distinguished by their sleek narrow strips.


  • Panel track blinds
    Panel track blinds work well for long windows or sliding doors by proving to be a better alternative to vertical blinds. These incorporate a set of fabric panels that slide over the other to open and vice versa.

3) Shutters

Shutters have been in existence since age-old days owing to their sturdy and durable nature. Hinged at its side, shutters are operable manually and in certain cases provided with louvers along with a lever for controlling the amount of light entering the space. They tend to have a rustic ambience perfect for a cosy setup. Available in varied shades of colours and materials, be it wooden or faux wooden, Shutters are commonly adopted for its aesthetics both interior and exterior.

In Certain cases, long windows are fitted with shutters only up to half of its length to allow light from the top end. This style is commonly referred as the café shutter style.

4) Shades

  • Roller shades
    Roller shades have been a vintage classic, which in contemporary times, is available in a myriad range of materials and colour tones. They impart a simple neat look but at the same time remain fashionable. It entails a fabric, fitted to the size of the window that could be opened through a pulley operated roller system. And when not in use it is rolled up at the top of the window.


  • Roman shades
    Combining the sophistication of drapery and shades, roman shades incorporate a single long piece of fabric that is folded horizontally at specific lengths. At its closed state, the shades cascade elegantly along its vertical expanse whereas when in its open state, the horizontal bands nestle on one top of the other, at the top of the window.


  • Pleated shades
    Pleaded shades work on the same mechanism of roller shades but tend to have pleads that are tied together. Often translucent materials are incorporated for better light inlet which gets to be classified as sheer shades.


  • Woven wooden shades can also be called as bamboo shades which involve wooden/bamboo reeds that are woven together which offer a beautiful rustic look. These can be layered with other window treatment ideas like sheer curtains etc for an accentuated effect.


  • Cellular shades
    Cellular shades have been commonly employed in various commercial and residential setups. With their honeycombed structure, these shades tend to provide heat insulation and allow filtered light. Operated by a cord system, they are one of the most energy-efficient window treatments available in the market.


  • Tied up shades is a type of window treatment that uses tie ups or adjustable clips to create an array of curves along its horizontal length at specific intervals.

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