Affordable home library ideas

The library is one of the pieces of furniture that should not be missing from any home; here are a few affordable home library ideas. You may think that such a part should not or cannot receive a new design.  But this is false.

The library is the space specially designed to be able to store books or even other essential things for you. You can use the library to store prizes won at various competitions, diplomas for completing the studies you are proud of, documents, small decorative gifts received from close ones, and even some devices. The body of the library may not be beautiful, but in this article, you will find ideas for arranging this piece of furniture.

If you want to read comfortably, and have easy access to your entire collection of books, place the library in a place near the bed, sofa, or corner. Or, if you want the library to occupy another space, you can place a comfortable armchair next to it.

Affordable home library ideas for cozy library

Never place a library near a window. The only exception is where the library does not have a height higher than the lower end of the window. Wind, rain, and snow can affect the objects on the shelves and even the library body itself. You can place the library in one corner of the room, delimiting that space from the rest of the room, especially if it is a small space. However, never place it behind the door, on the wall to which it opens. To ensure enough light for reading, you can add other luminaires than existing ones, such as lamps or lamps.

Affordable home library ideas

Chose the library model

Once these basic principles are known, you can proceed to the next step: selecting the library model.

Choosing a library with a unique design: in terms of design, the library can have many styles, such as classic, modern, industrial, etc. Many of their design allows you to fit a TV so that you can save space.

Affordable home library ideas

Many of the library models of today have a unique design, to play the functional role, but also the aesthetic one.

If you want to take the design part further and you do not need room to sit the TV, you can choose simpler models. And if you are a creative person who loves to read, there are specific design variants that you might like.

To be able to highlight the library even more visually, you can place it on a wall statement, this being a different wall from the others, having a different color or decoration that immediately attracts. It means that the library will receive the same attention.

Home library layout ideas

Decorating the library is not as difficult as it may seem now. Tou can achieve quite easily.

Some ideas from which you can inspire yourself to arrange the library:

  • Please choose the color of the library different from that of the wall next to which you place it. For example, if the walls are white, the library can be black, brown, or other bright colors, and if the walls are colored, you can choose a library in neutral tones, to make a contrast and to stand out quickly).
  • A different method of decoration, but which refers to the space near the library, is the decoration of the wall with pages or even whole books. This trick works wonderfully in libraries with a small height.
  • If you want to have a wall-size library, choose colors like black, white, red, yellow, etc. The library body will play the role of the statement wall.
  • Try to organize your books in color to create a significant visual effect.
  • Use lights around, above, or behind the shelves of the library to keep an exciting look even in the absence of natural light.
  • Decorate with plants, placing pots on a few shelves of the library.
Affordable home library ideas

Modern home library

Frame photos from the most beautiful moments and place them on a few shelves in the body of the library. If you like the model of a library, but you don’t like its color, or you want to place it in a room where the dominant colors are neutral, try painting the shelves with different colors yourself. Affordable home library ideas help you to make your house welcoming and attractive.

You don’t want to paint the library, but do you want a similar effect? If this piece of furniture has plywood in the back, you can remove the shelves and stick wallpaper with any model you think fits.

For large houses, libraries can find their place in the attic, and next to them, you can create the perfect corner for reading – intimate and quiet.

Home library design

In the living room, the library comes in like a glove. You can create an original space by arranging the shelves in unique shapes. Narrow and tall as close to the ceiling or medium height as not to create the impression of suffocation of space.

The library can also hold other objects like statuettes or small pieces of art such as ceramics that can fit on shelves without problems. For art lovers or hardcore collectors, art objects collected from vacations and beyond find their place in the library, either among books or on stand-alone shelves.

An exciting style is where the library appears as a long shelf at the top of the room, towards the ceiling, possibly above a door or window. Such an arrangement fits in large rooms. For added style, you can arrange a ladder that you can use to reach the shelves and which, in turn, can be a stand-alone piece in the décor.

Affordable home library ideas

Modern home library

The classic can be combined with the contemporary to arrange an eclectic library. Current trends in space optimization place shelves for books, even in the space below the stairs or on an interior hallway that connects rooms. There are also invisible shelves that allow you to fasten the books so that they create the impression that they are floating.

As you can see, it’s easy to set up a library. All you need is the imagination and the courage to try something else than what you saw around you. We hope this article has inspired you.

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