Basic Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

Feng Shui refers to the ancient Chinese philosophical practice which involves creating a sense of harmony between individuals and their surroundings. However, these traditions have been adopted by many cultures to implement in their homes, tending to unite invisible forces that bind the universe together, for physical and spiritual betterment.

Feng Shui principles are quite complex. However, one can try to understand the basics behind these principles, which are mainly associated with two concepts.

Yin Yang Theory

The Yin Yang theory is one of the main theories taught in all ancient Chinese schools on which Feng Shui system is based upon. The Universe is composed of two opposing, but deeply interconnected forces – the Yin (feminine) and the Yang (masculine). Represented in Feng Shui colours, the Yin is black in colour; relating to soft, slow, relaxed, passive, soothing and silent; whereas the Yang, or masculine energy, is white in colour relating to active, strong, vibrant, bright, fun, etc. A good Feng Shui home tends to achieve a harmonious expression of the rhythms of both these energies.

Five Basic Elements

Another most important principle associated with Feng Shui is the theory of five elements which are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These building blocks help one another to create powerful, vibrant energy in any space that tends to have an auspicious quality forceful to sustain the health, wealth and happiness of people living in that space.

Balance between these elements is significant for Feng Shui. When arranging furniture and other objects according to principles of Feng Shui, one can use a compass or an energy map called Bagua to place the elements in the correct direction.

One of the easiest ways to go about these elements could be by their correspondence through colour.

  • Green & Brown colours relate to the element of Wood
  • Red, Strong Yellow, Orange, Purple and Pink colours relate to Fire element
  • Light Yellow, Sandy relate to Earth element
  • Light Brown, White, Grey colours relate to Metal
  • Followed by Blue and Black colours for Water

Simple Feng Shui Design Ideas for your home

  1. Aligning Doors

Feng Shui starts from small elements at your homes and expands to other design features. For instance, having your main door aligned with the back door can allow the Chi energy to escape without circulating through the house. Similarly having a staircase right opposite to the main door can led to similar results. The front door symbolises an important aspect in Feng Shui with the universal energy entering the house through it. Design should be fashioned properly for the Chi energy to flow through evenly into your house.

  1. Cleaning Clutter

Clearing up the clutter is one of the most essential step towards achieving true power of Feng Shui. Getting rid of obsolete furniture, or cleaning up the closets & cupboards has to be the rudimentary step before applying any other aspect of Feng Shui design.

  1. Allow more Light & Air

Windows need to be opened often to allow fresh air into the living room. Natural light needs to be administered wherever possible and one can opt for full spectrum lights in other areas. Employing Feng Shui air purifying plants or using air purifier allows for better air quality in the given space.

  1. Bagua Chart/Reflective surfaces

One has to fixate on to a purpose or use the bagua chart to derive the theme and colour palette of the living space. This same principle applies to various other decorating materials. The best Feng Shui decor materials for a living room would be predominantly reflective surfaces involving metal, glass, or mirror-like surfaces.

  1. Feng Shui tips for the bedroom

A good Feng Shui in a bedroom promotes a harmonious flow of nourishing, vibrant and sensual energy. It excites and calms you at the same time. Electronic gadgets like TV, Computers or Exercise equipment are best excluded from the bedroom as these tend to draw in negative energy involving stress, work and produce high EMFs.

The best Feng Shui colours for bedroom tend to range from pale white to chocolate-brown. It is advisable to choose bedroom art that involves scenes which one wants to witness in their life; happy, nourishing and enchanting ones involving warmth, love and healing.

Light being the manifestation of energy tends to hold pivotal role in Feng Shui; hence appropriate lighting is essential for the bedroom. Candles tend to serve the purpose the best as not only do they clear the negative energy but provide for a very intimate and warm environment.

It is necessary that all doors be it balcony, the bathroom or closet doors to be properly shut during the night lest the ‘Chi’ energy escape. This nourishing flow of energy will have a profound positive impact on your health and offer a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Apart from Feng Shui designs that come from initial planning of your home, you can also implement other measures to ensure good will at your place. The popular Feng Shui cures involve use of crystals, fountains, mirrors, Buddha and Lucky bamboo etc.

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