Choosing the right furniture to enhance your living room

In this world of technology where all things are at hands reach, the only special moments where you get to spend time with family or friends is in the living room. As the word implies, the living room is the place where you get to make memories for life. It is also the place of exposure that gives guests the first impression of your house and probably even your personality.

The living room is generally the first room that you think of when you plan to furnish your new home. Hence the interior design of the house is one characteristic that you need to give more importance to. However, this can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for novices. When most people try choosing their own furniture, some call in professional interior designers to do the job for them. This article will assist you in understanding and helping you select the ideal furniture for a better lifestyle by simplifying the whole process for you.

When it comes to choosing furniture, it is necessary for you to spend ample time in considering certain factors such as,

  1. Space of the room
  2. Plan/layout 
  3. Design of the furniture
  4. Budget

All these above factors are interlinked for making your home look elegant and comfortable. From the chair-side table to the living room sofa, the choice of design speaks for itself.

Space of the room

This is one important factor that people tend to forget. If you don’t plan out your purchases based on the size of your room you will most probably end up purchasing large furniture like bulky sofa sets and making the room look smaller and congested. This, in turn, affects how the light, natural or artificial, flows in your room. And who wouldn’t want a spacious and well-lit room? Measuring the room will provide you with an idea about the dimensions of the furniture that you can accommodate in the room.


Once you have the dimensions of the room, create a rough sketch of the layout for the furniture.

Consider where the doors and windows are so you will not miss out on what’s happening outside. Always ensure that your furniture is placed in such a way that you let the natural light in and at the same time see that the room is uncongested such that people will have enough space to move around in ease. This will give you a fair picture of what kind of furniture you can select.

Design of the furniture

The design of the furniture shows everyone who you are. Selecting the right piece boils down to finding which detail about yourself you want to reflect, and mirroring that onto your furniture.

Here are some tips to get you started. 

Identifying the ambience

Before you pick furniture, you need to identify how you need to feel in the living room. You may feel differently about certain colours, appearances, and forms. For example, if you’re a family that enjoys watching together, the Indian cricket team in action, you need to feel calm and comfy. Then shades of blue colour, soft fabric, and table lamps with dim lights will be a perfect choice. This way take time to sit through this phase for a while and make your decisions  Now that you have identified how you need to feel you can filter your choices to suit your needs.


Interior designers play with colour contrasts of the furniture to make the room look appealing. Understanding the science behind colour scheme can make a huge difference. There are different colour schemes available among which the complementary colour scheme is more popular. This is where two colours that are opposite each other on the colour circle is used.


Interior designers in Bangalore are known for some of the finest design works with colour contrast in India.

Determining the focal point

A focal point acts as the centre of attraction that arrests your attention when you enter a room. Identifying the rooms focal point will reduce your effort when thinking about the colour scheme for each piece of furniture you pick. In most Indian scenarios, the focal point is around the television or the wall that is mounted with paintings. In this case, the colour scheme for other furniture will be based on that focal point.

With the above-mentioned tips in mind, you can choose your furniture wisely. There are a variety of furniture styles available in the market hence you will need guidance when buying any product. In such situations, interior designer reviews play a key role in finding your product. The reviews from a professional interior designer will give you a different perspective of visualising a product. Here are some of the types of furniture and features that you can consider based on interior designer reviews.


A sofa or a sofa set could be the centre of attention for your living room. It is an essential piece of furniture that would highlight your style and ensures comfort. Designs for this have been transforming every year and this has created a range of different styles of sofas in today’s time.

Source: Photo by Phillip Goldsberry
Styles: English or club, Sectional, Chesterfield, Camelback, Mid-century modern, Tuxedo, Cabriole, Knole, Lawson, Bridgewater, Canape, Recamier.
Material: Cotton, leather, linen, wool, velvet, microfiber, Polyblend, Rubberwood, Teakwood, metal.

Accent chair

An accent chair is only used occasionally. However, even though it is not always used, it provides an elegant look to the entire furnishing set up. Interior designers always look into the  finer details like engravings, texture, or shape while selecting an accent chair. This adds beauty to your collection.

Source: Photo by Kari Shea
Styles: Classic, Slipper, Mid-century modern, Wing back, barrel-back, Armchair.
Material: Cotton, leather, linen, wool, velvet, Poly blend.

Accent Tables / Coffee tables

These tables are complementary tables that complement the beauty of the other furniture. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes and use them for multiple purposes. It adds the final touch to the entire set of furniture. You can also customise accent tables based on the requirements but only a few designers provide these customising services.

Source: Photo by Lexie Barnhor
Styles: Square, rectangular, circular, oval, Hexagonal.
Material: Wood, glass, fibre.

Ottomans / stools

Ottomans are small stools that do not have a backrest. They serve as footstools and are normally used with accent chairs to relax your legs. These stools add luxury and comfort to the user. If you’re a person who loves to stretch your legs after a long day at work, this would serve the purpose.

Source: Photo by Francesca Tosolini
Styles: Square, rectangular, circular.
Material: Leather, velvet, cotton, linen.


This is the final and important factor. The more beautiful, elegant, and big you want your furnishing to be, the more your budget will be. So always cut your coat according to the cloth.

With this article and little research on interior designer reviews, you will be able to make the best choice for your furniture by yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Its time to fill up your living room with the furniture that showcases your style!

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