Choosing the right carpet for your place

On any fine day, the comfort and soothing feel that a carpet can give under our feet can be priceless. Carpets add a personal touch and unique look to any place. Not only it adds beauty to the place it also protects us from hurting through minor slips and falls. Though it comes with a fair amount of limitations like excessive maintenance, nothing can replace the warmth it provides.

While choosing a perfect carpet for your place, one has to take lots of things into consideration, like where you are laying the carpet, what kind of fiber is required, its affordability, durability, etc. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Different carpets for different spaces

Like the old saying ” different horses for different courses “, each place requires different types of carpets according to their needs and usage. So first we need to determine whether there will be frequent movement over the carpet or not, which is one of the key parts while choosing the right carpet for your space.

Living room

The living room is one of the most commonplace of the house which brings the family together, where they converse, have leisure time and play. It is an important place to choose a carpet with utmost care as that’s where babies and teens have all their stunts.

Source: Photo by Sven Brandsma

Selecting the right fiber and color for the living room creates the look and feel for it. As it’s a high traffic area dense carpets would do the trick. Nylon, olefin could be an appropriate choice for the living room due to its dense and durable nature. Where nylon can be both soft and resilient but needs to be maintained properly. Olefin is inexpensive, repel stain and fade but not as strong as nylon.

Though the color can be subjective, one can choose to align it with the ambiance of the room.


It’s one of the personal space of our house, which we decor, personalized arrangements, and design. In which carpeting them properly gives the cozy and warmth we wish.

Hence choosing optimal fiber is vital, wool and nylon are some of the popular choices for bedrooms as they bring soft and luxurious feel with them. For those who think nylon is too expensive for them, they can go polyester carpeting which usually costs less than nylon and also doesn’t cause any allergic reaction. So they can be suitable for people with asthma.

Source: Photo by Im3rd Media

The texture and color of the bedroom carpet give the attraction it deserves. While velvet pile can give a sophisticated look, Saxony will lend a soft and fluffy feel. Choosing carpets give the bedroom a classy and vibrant feel accordingly.


Choosing carpets for staircases can be tricky at times as it’s a frequently stepped zone. But still we would like it to look good, right? So we need to choose the type of carpet that fits them.

Source: Photo by Thomas Serer

Durability should be the key point to consider while selecting carpets for staircases as it’s a high traffic area. Therefore the thickness of the carpet matters most here as it adds durability to it. If one has open stairs he has to apply carpets by bending them in both ways. It’s also important that they should be a good soil-resistant type like which will make it easier to clean and maintain.

Arranging furniture to carpets

Right furniture placements according to the carpets can make all difference for space. So the optimal way of arranging furniture to go well with carpets is to consider the size and pattern of carpets to compliment each other.

For a dining room, the carpet can be laid in a way where either just two legs or four legs of the chairs to be placed on the carpet. For living rooms, it’s always good to leave some exposed area around the carpet to be appealing.


So that the work put into designing the floor can be witnessed. In bedrooms, the size of the bed plays a key role in placing the carpet. It’s always good to cover two-thirds of the bottom of the bed with carpet, which will give enough amount of excess carpet space for the nightstands.

Selecting appropriate carpet style and to complement the furniture placements will increase the appeal of your space.

Types of carpet and its pile

Wool is usually seen as a luxurious option of carpeting for their cost due to natural material it’s made of. They give a unique feel for your floor and feet. It’s also durable and resilient in nature. There are also wool mixed carpets that can adapt to all types of flooring also called all-purpose carpet.

Polypropylene is made from man-made fiber materials, they are becoming a popular choice of carpeting for their easy to clean and long-standing nature. But polypropylene carpets are inflammable so one needs to take proper care of them.

Polyester carpeting offers different textures and wool-like feel at a lesser cost. So people generally use it as a blend with wool carpeting.

Different types of piles can add different kinds of texture and toughness to the carpets. Woven carpets like Axminsters Wiltons are made of traditional looming methods.

Tufted and Berber piling is made from tightly twisted and looped uncut yarn. Which makes it unfriendly to pet owners.

Saxony and velvet pile are short and soft textured, which gives a smooth feel for the feet.

Maintenance of carpets

New carpets used to leave a lot of dust and fluff. It’s always advisable to vacuum carpets once a week. Using a barrier mat in places such as the front door can help to reduce soil on carpets.


As carpets get dirty and stained, treating them with solutions can give you results. But should not over rub or wet too much. Instead, clean them gently. As spills and drops occur, try to remove it as quickly as possible using a knife or stain remover before it makes a permanent stain.

For a deeper clean of carpets, we can shampoo them or else can make a call to professionals clean them up thoroughly.

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