Christmas decor – Kid friendly decoration ideas

Every year when it comes to Christmas season nothing can be compared with warm and welcoming like a well-decorated festive home. With all the trinkets, embellish ornaments, glittering high rise trees, and all the delicious pastries on the table, the holiday season is an exquisite time of the year which puts a smile on the faces from toddlers to the elderly.

But kids used to have a different perspective from parents. So while decorating the house for the holiday season with kids in mind one got to choose a style that makes them enjoy and engage. The decoration can bring in various types of twinkling lights or a giant snowman or even a giant wreath on the chimney!

As decorating home along with the kids can have lots of cherished moments, the activity can provide a beautiful memorable holiday season for years to come.

Decorating and designing the home for Christmas along with kids may require frequent help and direction from the parents. Parents must let kids decorate as much as they can so they explore their creativity without expecting perfection. So, let’s see about a few decorating ideas for both kids and parents.


In lighting options, parents and children may differ in opinions like in quantity or in the number of blinks they have. But decorating homes with lights just doesn’t mean most of them should be on the tree. Better spread them all around the place to have uniformed glow. As kids have a high appetite, no Christmas trees can get past multicolored lighting while they are around, don’t just lay them over let children hang them with your help. If you still feel it’s unsafe for them better use light strips that have minimal wiring. A quick call to your interior designer will surely be help to select right lights.

Source: Photo by Jez Timms

Ribbons and bows

Hanging bows and ribbons around the house for holiday season gives a spark it needs. As kids are usually not good at tying bows, so it’s better buying some ready-made bows in different sizes to fit in its respective places. Let your kids decorate the tree, doorknobs, and wreaths with those bows while providing the support they need.

As far as ribbons are concerned, just like fabrics, they can be wrapped around the trees with garlands or placed on tables to look like a runner.

Source: Photo by Josh Harrison


At first instance, it might sound that candle decoration with kids involved is a good idea but, just decorating with candles necessarily means it should be lit. Unlit candles are also a great property for the holiday season decoration. In case if kids insist to light them, parents should stress not to handle the candles without their supervision.

Source: Photo by Mariana B.

Candles generally pose for a nice look when arranged near a mirror or placed on tables in various sizes.

As a better alternative one can also try using battery-powered LED candles which are very much identical to the real ones.


Christmas seasons are not complete without a manger. For decorating mangers, one can try contrary to the lighting idea said above. Instead of laying the props of the manger all over the place try arranging them in a confined place.

Source: Photo by Alasdair Elmes

To set up a manger layering them one by one with a green base then a white cloth for a snowy look and topping with the village will magnify the exuberance of the kids. Draw in the children to help to decorate those as they will the feeling of being associated with the design and own them.

Tables and trains

Setting and arranging table cloths and napkins is one of the most interesting Christmas for kids themselves. So leave them with the seasonally themed fabrics and let them manifest their creativity. As it’s one of the easiest decorating ideas for the holiday season and which doesn’t involve any danger, parents can let them do on their own.

Source: Photo by NeONBRAND

Kids are also usually interested in making festive season place cards and centerpieces to be placed on the table.

Playing with trains under the decorated Christmas tree is always a delight to kids. Christmas train tracks can either be simple or complex but adding up details to the train track layout by placing white cloth as a base or handcrafted pine trees or a soft snowman doll in the midst of it can enhance the experience and the joy of your children thus amplifying yours!


Decorating a mantel for the Christmas season is a pleasure! And when you do it along with your kids the joy you share is priceless! Collaborating with children for decorating the mantel will encourage them to involve more creative activities thus improving their skills.

While decorating a chimney that’s kids friendly, one must try to wrap them with their favorite décor items such as colorful ornaments, vases, garlands, deer sculptures, bows, etc. If one opts to go all white to decorate their mantel to give a frosted feel, then a string of pearls as a décor item can be a nice addition to it.

Source: Photo by Element5 Digital

Parents can also try adding a personal touch by placing a framed family photo on top of it.  Adding in a green touch by setting some branches or winter berries will further beautify the mantel.

Mantels don’t get completed without the Christmas stockings! Yes, it’s one of the key decorations of the Christmas season and that all kids want their stocking to design personally. As there are various ways to design a stocking, it’s better parents allow their children to craft their designs like writing, giving patterns, placing stickers, stitching arts on them.

When you ask any kid, what’s the best time of the year? The answer would always be the Christmas season, as it’s the season of joy, peace, beauty, calm and thanking. There’s never a say that it’s too much decoration. As long as we express our Thanksgiving through our decoration. And when kids are all around the house and watching them cherish the decorations in which they took part, as parents our joy increases multifold!

After all, the decoration of our home for the holiday season can display the gratitude and inner peace we hold!

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