Cozy bohemian interior design, urban boho design to lighten your home

Bohemian interior design is for people who want their homes full of culture, life, spectacular, and exciting items. Everything is chosen to embrace a relaxed, unusual, and carefree environment. Bohemian interior design in several rooms tend to have some similarities because they are eclectic and have similar features; two bedrooms are never entirely alike.

People leading an unconventional life inspires bohemian style. Over the past few years, boho has taken the design word by storm. The new variation of bohemian style is starting to emerge, and its name is Urban Boho.

bohemian interior design

This style is a new version of the style that feels more modern and fresher. The new style uses the popular elements of boho style: macramé, rattan, colored textiles, and pillows. New adds pair these elements with a large variety of unusual furniture and décor. For example, it is useful to associate with almost all materials to create an urban boho look.

What is the modern boho?

Layers characterize the modern bohemian aesthetic. Urban boho style brings life into the design via plants.

A leather caramel sofa serves as the perfect focal point in a boho style living room.  The textures paired with sequin and mud cloth pillows, work perfectly together.

Modern furniture works perfectly with urban boho style

A glossy white coffee table surrounded by traditional boho elements, such as vintage textile, Moroccan rugs, and plants work fine together. A white table feels unique and unexpected in that place. It is a counterbalance to all the texture and color.

bohemian interior design

Unlike the usual boho spaces which feature a color explosion, urban boho spaces tend to make use of a higher color palette, A sleek banquette area features a variety of vintage pillows but within a specific palette. All other elements in the space must be neutral, creating a great vibe.

Associate a bold floor with simple walls

Urban boho style pairs bold elements everywhere and anywhere, but there are subdued versions. You can have a gorgeous floor with hand-painted tiles paired with a simple wall. The dark color helps to showcase the unique tiles, making the floor the centerpiece of the space.

Use antique furniture

Use a beautiful antique bed as a central piece of peace in a room. You need to put boho accents all through the place to create a sophisticated and fun space. Urban boho asks to use a tighter color palette.

bohemian interior design

Use a bold wallpaper

A designed wallpaper in appropriate colors is the perfect choice for a chic urban boho dining room. A vintage textile seat covers with a standard char create a unique visual effect in the room. You also bring into your boho style room some natural wood. You will realize that natural wood pieces are another material that works. Don’t forget to use Morocco style pillows, to bring a unique warmth to space.

Create a boho storage

Use baskets to bring an urban boho vibe in your storage solutions at home. It a good idea to use similar baskets. For more variety, you can combine different types of baskets, but in the same color family for all of them. You also need to unify with textiles. Vintage textiles, always used in boho style rooms, make a great impression. There are lots of rugs in an urban boho style room, but you can carefully use some Morocco style rugs to unify the space and create symmetry.

You can use outdoor furniture inside. It is another excellent trick to create an urban boho space un your home. Lovely outdoor chairs look great at home round a dining table. Rattan or outdoor wicker furniture can work significantly as accent chairs in a living room.

bohemian interior design

It is a pleasure to hunt boho pieces everywhere you find a store dedicated to antique furniture or on flea markets. Try to make each room cozy, comfortable, and layered with textures and filled with spectacular items. Put colors in your house with boho-inspired accents. Add saturated jewel tones and warm terra cotta.

The urban boho style tells a story of the individual inhabitant. Alike the clean vast surfaces of a contemporary space, immaculate finishing of a traditional space, the bohemian aesthetic is characterized by layers. A tabletop with a picturesque combination of bedding of rugs layered across the floor in place of carpeting will look awesome. It is a good idea to find unique décor from artisans around the world.

Embrace multiple genres

Juxtapose ethnic and contemporary blends the boho look with classic architectural details and modern furniture. Mix midcentury current mix with modern bohemian combinations. Add Morocco texture to the walls to create richness to any space. Start with wallpaper then textiles, and some sculpture. Never forget to go green. Bring to life your design via plants. Avoid creating a jungle in your house. Search specialized catalogs to find the plants suiting the best to your interior.

The modern boho doesn’t respect anyone’s rules.  Use candles, unconventional sculptures, and textures. Don’t match pillows patterns. Combine textures and colors after picking a color palette. Vary the scale of patterns and pillow shapes.

You can add a bit of glamour to your bed is to stand out a throw. A pop color is another way to add a spectacular element.

For a warm color scheme, specialists recommend saffron, bright pink, saffron, golden yellow, and magenta. You can use jade, turquoise, and amethyst. There are no rules; warm earthy colors are the best. Deep browns, greens, base colors, and grays. To accessories, use saturated purple, orange, and yellow. Combine these colors to obtain energy and exuberance. Combine warm and cool. The designer also can blend the old and the new, and don’t hesitate to display your treasures.

You also can mix patterns and textures to reflect the traveled vibe of boho. Use patterns from South America, Asia, and Africa. Use geometric, mosaics, and tribal prints. Select as many textures you need: plush, smooth, coarse to add another payer, and make your room sumptuous.

bohemian interior design

Never forget that the bohemian style is casual. Mix your vintage finds with new items — experiment many décor styles. Authenticity is vital, look only for natural material, such as sisal, leather, and wood.



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