Decorate with houseplants

Decorate with houseplants
Being beautiful houseplants have several benefits to your home. They are great at purification, by removing the negative agents from the air, your indoor plants can also improve your health, and they can also help you focus or meditate.
You can extract most benefits from these plants by choosing the correct position for them, by placing them at the right corner or perfect angle can make a big difference, they have several benefits to offer.

Your plant becomes your pet your companion in no time, they can go without water for few days, and few weeks without changing the soil, there are several low maintenance plants that offer amazing benefits, and looks beautiful. They can bear cold and heat, and little ignorance too yet offers their best to you.
Initially, you might need to arrange a basic set up for your plants to grow. There is a variety of cute pots available online which not just gives a room to your plant but adds so much of beauty in your home decor. Let’s learn how to get most out of your tiny little plants, which you plan to grow in your home.

The best corner to place a plant
Almost all plants produce their food with the help of sunlight, this is the basic requirement, you need a corner that allows enough sunlight, to help grow the plant.
Give the corner selection a few thoughts before roughly placing any plant in any corner. Exposure of sunlight, passage for wind, should be considered before fixing your plant.
Will you be able to water your plant in this corner, do you have any electrical appliance lying close to this corner which might disturb the plant’s growth, if everything seems perfect and choose it wisely.

Types of Plants
As we all know the most important factor that a plant needs, to grow is sunlight few plants need it daily in high amounts, others can manage their growth with little availability of sunlight.

Plants do not need the light all day long, so you might want to choose the place which will not allow the plant getting burnt. Most plants will grow nicely with a window that is West facing, East or South facing. Course plants that require partial or full shade for a maximum time of the day. For example, foliage and flowering plants such as fern and lily tend to grow well with minimal sunlight and with artificial light too.

To put your plant in a most ideal position, set your foliage plant back from the South facing window a few feet away. For West or East facing windows, make sure that your foliage plant remains out of the midday sun, or when there are times of direct sunlight in the room.

Plants like Jade, Stonecrop, Zebra and other thick, glossy leaf plants will do well without the sunlight too.
Unlike your garden plants, home plants need a little homework to be done, get to know when to water and when not to water them, which minerals are most required and in how frequently. Handling in certain weather, also how frequently soil change is needed in the pot.
Favorable temperature for most houseplants is 70°F (20°C), but some only thrive at colder temperatures. For example, cyclamen prefer a temperature range between 50°F to 60°F (10°C to 15°C); Cineraria even colder. Best is to get a Bonsai or any other tropical indoor plants, then you may need to have a constant temperature of around 70°F (20°C).
Too much heat-producing equipment might disturb the growth of your plant, avoid keeping near refrigerators back or outlets where AC throws out the hot air or chimneys.
Spray little water daily to your plant depending upon how much water they need and how frequently; take care of changes in the color of the leaves, as they might indicate infection or dehydration in plants.

Benefits of placing indoor plants in the home
Plants have a significant impact on your physical and mental health. If placed correctly.
Mental health
1. Improves Concentration and Productivity.
2. Generates Happiness
3. Reduces Stress
4. Inspires compassion and Improvement relationship.
5. Improves Energy and Performance
6. Improves Learning Abilities

Physical health
7. Accelerates Healing and Recovery Process.
8. Lowers Heart Rate and Blood Pressure.
The feng shui of indoor house plants
In Feng Shui, it’s mostly about how the eight cardinal directions affect us, how different shapes and forms influence us, and how Qi impacts our well-being. The practice of feng shui is about combining all of them together and using what’s in our control to improve our surrounding energy so that it’ll better our lives.
Plants are living and breathing beings. They can be amazing little pets with very little maintenance, Happy Planting!

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