Decorating tips for a small or medium bedroom

Our homes are becoming more and more sheltered from worries and daily stress. Within them, the bedroom represents the excellence of the refuge within the shelter. It is the space meant for dreams. Therefore it must be created following our most profound experiences, when searching for decorating tips for a small or medium bedroom. One more reason why bedroom design ideas should coincide not only with our tastes but also with the way we relax.

What does a dream bedroom means to you? Probably the space where you feel comfortable, and that brings you relaxation. It is a room where you can rest and a refuge where you spend your time with pleasure. Or at least so should be. But, the arrangement of a bedroom, often neglected, has a vital role in your life. After all, this is a room dedicated to intimacy, as opposed to living, where you receive guests and host evenings of movies or parties

Decorating tips for a small and medium bedroom

Practical ideas

Who will see the bedroom? Here are a few decorating tips for a small or medium bedroom. Well, you will see it, and this is the most important argument for decorating it in a way that is  practical and attractive.

We have gathered for you  important rules for the arrangement of an apartment or house bedroom, along with a series of creative suggestions from which you can inspire when you search for decorating tips for a small or medium bedroom.

Decorating tips for a small and medium bedroom

Bedroom arrangement - Practical tips

The configuration of the apartment bedrooms is not always satisfactory: some rooms are too small and have a cramped air, and the shape of others makes it difficult to arrange the optimal furniture. Professional decorators, however, use a few design tricks to remedy many of these shortcomings. Our decorating tips for a small or medium bedroom will help you to find the best solution.

Here’s how you can give yourself the feeling of a bigger space, how you can increase the storage space, and how you can place the furniture in a small bedroom or a rectangular one.

Furnishing a small bedroom

In a small bedroom, the main challenge is the bed: it is essential, but it is also a significant object of furniture. You need to avoid the unpleasant situation in which no one longer has room in the bedroom. For bedside tables, chest of drawers, we have some recommendations that are easy to apply even in a small bedroom design project.
    • Stick the bed on the width of the main wall only if the fluidity of the traffic in the room does not suffer. It’s tiring to have to go around the corner of the bed every time, as soon as you enter the bedroom.
    • The option in which you place the bed between two walls leaves the center of the room free, giving you maximum space for other furniture pieces, but it has a disadvantage: you have to give up a bedside table. However, this is not as serious as it seems, because you can even replace both bedside tables with a few shelves mounted on the wall above the bed. You don’t also need lamps because you can replace them with wall sconces or spotlights in the cupboards.
    • Colors play an essential role in a small bedroom: it is based on white because it reflects light well, visually amplifying the space. If you think the white does not give interest to the room, you can create texture on the walls with a bedroom wallpaper made of non-woven textile material in warm white or cream tones.
    • Store in bed drawers. It is ideal to opt for a bed with two or three storage drawers, but an efficient alternative is the storage boxes placed under the footbed.
    • It is easy to balance a small horizontal space with the most efficient rule: use of vertical space: do not hesitate to mount shelves as close to the ceiling.

Arrangement of a rectangular bedroom

A narrow bedroom faces another type of problem. In this case, the placement of the bed in the center of the room or attached to the main wall is not an option from the beginning, except the rare situations in which the narrow bedroom is also very spacious. Our decorating tips for a small or medium bedroom can help you to fix the problem.

The only reasonable option is to place the bed at length in one of the two ends of the room. The difficulty lies in eliminating the claustrophobic sensation that the walls give you.

You must use efficiently the available surface. use our decorating tips for a small and  medium bedroom.

  • The ideal situation is the one where there is enough room for the bed.  If you cannot integrate the bed into the decor, mount shelves on the smaller wall.
  • A single person bed or a day bed (sofa or lounge chair) is a suitable solution in a narrow and long bedroom for children or teenagers. Place it between two walls, and you will have enough space for office and other furniture.
  • When decorating the long walls of the narrow bedroom, avoid paintings of the same size. Such an arrangement does nothing but accentuates the length of the room. Opt for groups of pictures with different shapes and sizes.
  • An optical trick that “cuts” the length of the room, accentuating its width, is the one where you paint the small walls in warm shades. The theory of colors says that warm tones (red, orange, yellow) give the sensation that it is approaching the viewer, while the cold ones (blue, green, violet-blue) seem to move away from the viewer. Therefore, if you opt for warm color finishes for the farthest walls of a narrow bedroom, they will look closer, visually balancing the size of the room.
  • If the room is long enough, divides the rectangular bedroom into two distinct areas: the sleeping area, with the bed and bedside tables or shelves, and the work or relaxation area, where you can place a comfortable desk or armchair for reading. Use for delimitation two different carpets or a body of shelves to not occupy unnecessary space.

There is no doubt: the bedroom is the essential room in your house. You spend most of your time here. Whether you are learning, relaxing, sleeping or preparing to leave home, the bedroom is the space where you spend a few good hours of the day and, therefore, you need to arrange this room to your liking.

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