DIY decorations with cement

Concrete is traditionally been related to basements, garages, and pavements. But it’s been changing with recent technological advancements. As it wasn’t considered to be a material put to use in living rooms in a residential home. With the rise of cement trends, it’s not just being used for sturdy structures but also floorings, shelves, and fixtures.

 Concrete can give different look with different types of applications like for a matte finish look and provide a seal from water and stains sealed concrete can do trick. Architects provide a wide variety of options of custom made concrete for homes.

As boring, stale and cold it may look but clever use of colors and designs provide the perfect neutral backdrops for any styles. Due to its low maintenance materials, hard flooring may only require standard mopping and dusting. 

Another important aspect of concrete is it’s just not confined to fixtures and floorings. Cement is also used to craft some fine piece of decorative art like lamps to planters. Let’s see into some of the few unexpected DIY design elements to freshen up your house.


Concrete lamp

Little lamps are always an adorable accessory to any home. But making it with concrete cubes will give the unique style for your space. One can choose whatever size of the box to mold their concrete lamps. Once the cement drys up fitting in the electrical work and setting up the lamp adds charm to your place.


Lovely bowls


One can make a lovely yet very heavy concrete bowl that could serve several purposes. You could design your bowl taller or shorter or even shallow to meet your needs. Making these concrete bowls is very inexpensive.


Monogram letters

To spice things up, you can decorate your lawn with some concrete monogram letters. These add a good look to space by just sitting on the porch while making numbers for your house with the concrete can give your home a decorative touch. Monogram letters or numbers are very easy to make and decorate, paint the way we wish.


Concrete garden balls


Decorating a garden with spheres and mirror balls can make up the already beautiful garden of yours’. Usually, the concrete garden balls are molded in a rounded glass light cover. Remember that to take the concrete balls out of the glass light cover you have to smash it, so it is advised to buy some cheap glass covers nearby. 


A desktop

It’s much easier than you think to build an industrial quality desktop for your house. Just by creating a mold with the required measurements will deliver the desk. Adding wooden legs to hold the desk will complete the structure. After the completion, you would have an exuberant desk for your home or office.


Concrete paver numbers

You don’t always have to call in for home depot to lay pavers for your garden, one can get creative by placing the number in the paver blocks with the use of molds. By doing it yourself can save a lot of costs. You can use either square or circled paver blocks whichever matches your style.


Lace votive


Concrete can also be used to make some elegant and beautiful décor items such as lace votive for candles. It’s rather very simple to make lace votive for candles as all of the required items are most probably at your disposal.


Concrete paperweight

One of the easiest do it yourself concrete projects you can do is to craft a paperweight using it. One can make it into any shape and size according to your wish. The essence of crafting a concrete paperweight is pouring in the cement into the mold and wait for it to dry completely to decorate it by painting with acrylic paint and sharpies. The hexagonal shape can be a great choice for concrete paperweights which pose a modern look but it always comes down to personal preferences.


Photo frames

Who would have thought concretes could make an aesthetic and natural photo frames out of a cereal box! Taking a cereal box and pouring in the cement, you can turn it into a mold that delivers a subtle yet cool looking photo frame. You can stick your photo over the concrete frame to make it complete. You can also modify the size of the frame by adjusting the mold.


Kitchen Countertops

Concrete countertops lend a stunning accent to modern farmhouse design. Starting with an island countertop and extending it splash will set the tone and keep your kitchen trendy. The Grays of concrete gives you a terrific blend with the environment.


Edging the garden

It feels more rewarding and gives satisfaction edge out our garden all by ourselves than hiring in someone to do it, also we need to mention that it’s much cheaper. Considering the work it isn’t as difficult someone might think rather it’s pretty simple. One has to dig out the section that is to be the border then use a few hardwoods or any similar material to create mold inside to pour concrete evenly to bring your beauty to look even better and tidy!


iPad stand


Yes, you read it right! To have a homemade exquisite looking iPad stand, concrete can be a good choice of material. It’s a very easy project to complete as it is a simple process. You can just use a popcorn bowl as a mold for this work. Once done you would have a statuesque looking iPad stand to place your iPads either at countertops while following up your favorite recipes or on desks or wherever you need them.


Strong sink

The strong character of cement makes it a stalwart option for a bathroom sink. Soft lights around them could give it a subtle and soft palette that works as an impactful material even in minimalistic space like a bathroom.

Many still believe that concrete isn’t a good fit for designing homes, but it turns out that they are stunningly a solid, classy and beautiful choice of material to provide the unique accent to a modern home!

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