Easy Tips on Reinventing Your Living Space

Bored by the monotonous and same old look of your living space? You can reinvent the space into a delightful abode even when held within a tight budget. With no major overhaul, you can invest in small measures to enlighten and captivate your space.

Reinventing Your Living Room

  • Painting

Colour your walls with a new fresh coat of paint. You can go for a bold look by going for a darker hue especially when equipped with light flooring. Paints can radically transform a room’s energy and aesthetics. One can opt for wallpapers too which come in varied shades and textures providing for a novel look.

  • Rearranging Furniture

Changing the layout of furnishing can unleash new perspectives and even subtle direction changes or orientation of the furniture can make a huge difference.

Adding a central or a distinct piece of furniture could generate a lot of interest onto which the rest of the room could be built about. Be it with its enriched colour tone, or by contrast of its’ texture, a central piece can dictate the tone of the room.

  • Houseplants

Supplement the elegance of any given space with houseplants or succulents. Coupled along with any room, not only do plants provide calmness and serenity with their lush foliage but also aid in maintaining the local air quality of the space.

  • Buy Art

One can embellish their plain walls with art pieces of colour tones complimenting the other furnishings in the room. Artwork tends to lighten up spaces and determine the general mood. When going for art works, it is safer to adopt huge art pieces that go above furniture than small ones, thus eliminating clumsy arrangement.

  • Experimentation with Materials

One way to go about reinventing the living space could be the idea of exploring varied window shade materials. Experimenting with fabric such as voluptuous drapery or sheer screens; or opting for functional blinds, Leaded glass, metal screens and ethnic roller shades tend to elevate the overall look of the room.

However, experimentation with fabric doesn’t pertain to windows alone but also encompasses cushions, pillow covers, duvets, etc. Consider opting for Linen, leather, etc., for a sporty makeover.

  • Getting a Rug

Improve the aesthetics of your living room by adorning a rug along your furniture setup. Not only does it compliment the furnishings but also provides for a whole picture of the living space emanating vibrancy and warmth. In a sense with detached furniture, a rug tends to create a definite boundary providing for a sense of connectivity with its’ colour or texture etc.

Reinventing Your Bedroom

  • When it comes to home décor, one can opt for a wide range of colours; bright hues splashed against a subtle backdrop, or can contrast an overt patterned piece against an artless one. You could also go for earthy colour tones creating a sense of calm and serenity, relating to the style of Scandinavian interiors often featuring white furniture paired with wooden flooring. This style of interior tends to provide a modern aspect to the space owing to its clever use of subtle and nuance.


  • Simple tasks involving pairing similar or complimentary colour toned fabric for the cushions, pillow cases or blankets could make all the difference; aiding in creating a sense of harmony.


  • Changing an entire wardrobe or having its doors replaced could be an overwhelming task, but by simply replacing the dresser handles which are often subtle and become lacklustre with time, with more ornate ones etc, one can go for an engaging and unique look.

  • It is quintessential that lighting of any room should be at par with the varied attributes of the room. Investing in a few sconces could provide the necessary ambient lighting required for bedroom along with customized lamp settings.
  • You can add further flare to your bedroom by employing distinct headboards for your master bed or by opting for large art work above your bed.
  • Coupling your bedroom with an elaborate feature wall can accentuate the quality of the room. Muted pale tones of blue work greatly in creating a serene and tranquil environment; but one can also experiment with the other colour palettes to achieve the desired effect. For instance, purple shades tend to bring about a vibrant effect to the room.

  • Getting an ottoman or benches also enhance the aesthetics of room with its rightful pairing. You can adorn your bedside tables with lamp shades which come in varied shapes and colour to complete the look of your bedroom.

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