Essential ideas and tips for a small kitchen

Some apartments are not very generous when it comes to the space dedicated to this room. You must carefully choose all the furniture items. Use our ideas and tips for a kitchen. Choose furniture with storage space, the most compact kitchen furniture, and light colors. The bright colors give the sensation of a larger area. It is valid for both furniture and drapes and carpets.

Choose furniture that can be up to the ceiling to use every square centimeter. Don’t hesitate to implement nonconformist ideas. Use an extendable wall table or arrange a bar/table at the window. An island that is also a dining area and a worktop is useful. Choose built-in appliances to save space. You will create the feeling of a tidy and airy space.

Arrangement of long kitchens (rectangular)

Small kitchens are a challenge. A variant is an arrangement in the form of L. The kitchen needs a narrow table on the opposite wall. You can add an extendable wall table. Another idea is to use a small, tall bar. It is ok to choose colors as light as possible, maybe even white for walls, countertops, and tables. When designing a small kitchen, keep in mind that the furniture must be in light shade. Choose beige, light yellow, a light shade of green. If you have a narrow and extended kitchen, there is another solution. You can cut a space between the wall facing the living room or the hall.

ideas and tips for a small kitchen

Arranging a summer kitchen in the open air

If you have the necessary space, organize an outdoor summer kitchen. Any culinary experience will be an exceptional one. It should be covered. You will enjoy the pleasure of an outdoor meal, even when it is raining. To have such a space in your yard, you will need to make some arrangements. It helps extend the electrical grid to light the kitchen, and the water and sewerage network and expand the gas pipe. For the floor, you can use either natural stone or classic tile.
Remember that furniture must be in such a way that it can withstand moisture, dust, and extreme temperatures. You can use solid wood treated with special varnishes for the outside. For tables and chairs, you can use rattan furniture. It is very resistant to any weather conditions.

The benefits of a summer kitchen are undeniable. Let’s remember the lack of unpleasant smells of home-cooked food. It is nice to prepare meals and eat outdoors. If you arrange a summer kitchen, the price of the property will increase.

Tips for decorating a rustic kitchen

Kitchens decorated in a rustic style retain that magical air of grandmother’s prepared meals. They involve the use of as many natural materials as possible. Solid wood furniture, a large table, wood with an antique finish, ceramic tiles on the floor, and up to the middle of the wall. Take into account the use of exposed beams, adding extra authenticity to the room.

In the design of a rustic kitchen, you can use traditional decorative objects. You can use wicker baskets, ceramic pots with conventional motifs, wipes, woven carpets. If your home allows, consider building a traditional oven.

ideas and tips for a small kitchen

How do we choose the color of the kitchen furniture?

The most suitable choices for furniture color are warm shades. For small kitchens, light colors are always the winning choice. You can also choose darker colors, but in visual balance with the finishes.

TIP: If you choose an intense color for furniture, accent – red, yellow, blue, green, black – go to the finishes as simple as possible. They can also have the same color palette. It is good to be even white. Do not crowd the room using more colors; 2-3 are sufficient. From a practical perspective, avoid glossy materials, as they are more challenging to maintain. The matte ones are always easier to care for.

ideas and tips for a small kitchen

At what height you can install the suspended furniture?

There is not necessarily a rule in this regard; it depends a lot on the style of the furniture chosen. The suspended furniture is at a distance of about 60 centimeters from the counter. Remember that the hood should not be more than 70 cm away from the hob to attract steam.

How do we choose the perfect kitchen countertop?

The main criterion for choosing the kitchen countertop is the material. You have at your disposal:

  • Granite – increasingly popular, elegant and in numerous shades
  • Marble – gives a unique, imperial appearance, but is also more expensive and more challenging to care for
  • Concrete – with a matte, lumpy finish, or a marble-like texture. Put the tiles on the concrete countertop, easy to care for, and in multiple models.
  • Solid wood – perfect for rustic kitchens. It would help if you put lacquer often and treated to resist moisture
  • Laminated countertop – is the most popular and accessible variant. You can buy it in all the furniture stores in multiple models. It is easy to maintain and stain resistant

Here are the most common mistakes that made in the kitchen design:

  • Ignoring storage spaces
  • Choosing the aesthetic principle to the detriment of the practical one. Do not opt ​​for materials that are difficult to care for and have to suffer from moisture and various stains.
  • Overloading space with furniture, shades, patterns, and multiple textures
  • Guiding only by trends. They are transient, and in a few years, your kitchen will look outdated. It will not reflect your personality.

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