Elegant False Ceilings Ideas to Try Out

False ceilings embellish the beauty of any space providing a wonderful makeover to simple flat ceilings. Also known as Dropped or Suspended ceilings, they are secondary ceilings suspended below the main ceiling with the aid of cords or brackets. You can explore a plethora of materials when it comes to false ceilings from wood, veneer sheets, POP, asbestos sheets, particle board, aluminium panel, acrylic and PVC, etc. The choice of the material mainly relates to the space, the design, budget and its suitability to climate.

Why go for False Ceilings?

The benefits of false ceilings range from making a beauty statement at your homes with their elegance and richness, to working as a heat insulator, an acoustical barrier and to conceal ducts, beams and other wirings that may compromise the aesthetics of the room. Leading edge technology and invigorating designs have brought about myriad options for false ceilings at our homes.

Varieties of False Ceilings

Wooden false ceilings are one of the well-known options that can be adapted for residence and commercial setups. They have their own appeal and look great when equipped in both traditional and contemporary setup.

Gypsum boards are one of the most commonly used materials for false ceilings that can be readily adapted for various custom designs owing to its easy workability. Plaster of Paris is one of the cheapest materials available that could be applied to a wooden base, suspended from the ceiling. With craftsmanship, POP could be coloured, patterned or embossed which work as extensive additions to your space. You can also try combining different materials; be it glass, veneer and metal with varied textures, to create a visual treat.

A typical Tray Ceiling design

Custom designs are crafted to suit the place it adorns. Tray ceilings with different levels, Box Beam ceilings are some of the common morphologies adopted. Geometric patterns at the central portion of ceiling, coffered ceilings, and plank wooden ceiling are other options that could be equipped with or without edging. Sometimes a variety of materials can be crafted into different elevation angles to create a canopy like stance.

Lighting is another important aspect that tends to alter the entire ambience of the space. With false ceiling, you can opt for a wide range of options from cove, track, recessed flush –semi flush lighting to elaborate chandeliers and pendants, etc. Rope lighting and spotlights are other options that could be adorned to our rooms. Dimmers can further enhance the feel of the space exuding warmth and serenity, especially in living and bedrooms. Chandeliers and pendants tend to go well with ceiling medallions or with tray ceiling. Dome ceilings could be emphasized with cove lighting at its recessed edges. Backlighting for laser cut panelled ceilings, offers for a stunning and an enthralling look.

For bedrooms, one can opt for wood panels above the sleeping area or bed which would provide for a beautiful canopy-like ambience. You can accentuate the overall look of the space by going for flush and semi-flush lighting on the periphery of the panel.

For your kids’ room, you can explore with different themes to create a fascinating and playful environment. You can execute the theme by going for a glass ceiling showcasing cartoon characters or other designs with back or concealed lighting.

Integrating skylights within the false ceiling brings out the beauty of natural light into your space, and can provide for an interesting interplay with lights.

One of the main concerns with false ceiling is to ensure a leak-free zone, as defects in plumbing or other factors could lead to build up in moisture-related damage and infestation especially in wood or veneer ones. Also since false ceiling can take up a few inches to almost a foot from your height, go for it only when the given space is big enough.


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