Floor it right!

Beautiful! Wow! Smooth! These are some of the expressions we wish to receive as a compliment for our choice of flooring. Wherever we go, whether it’s home or business the first place our eyes notice is the floor! So we need to choose what type of flooring we need to lay according to our requirements. As it’s not an economical decision to change minds after completion.

As different people have different types of needs, there are as many types of flooring to cater to them all. Let’s know about a few familiar of them.

Sumptuous Granite

Granites are usually associated with countertops for its well-known nature of the anti-stain character. But it’s one of the luxurious choices of flooring that gives class and gloss finish to your home or business. They are extremely sturdy and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Due to its cost, it will also appreciate the value of the property, which in turn will increase it’s resale value as well.

Source: www.dwellingdecor.com

But as they are heavy pieces of stones installing them can be a tiresome process. As it is prone to strong chemicals frequent maintenance would be required. Apart from these little shortcomings granites are one of the sleek and luxurious choices of flooring. 

Dashing Marble

Marble for floors is one of the conventional methods of flooring like the Taj Mahal which is sculpted in Ivory White marble. As it is a soft stone made by a natural process, its free of any chemical treatment and making it an eco-friendly option. They can make any place to look graceful with its exquisite look! It suits many types of material to combine with it, which will add to the beauty of your property. It can also be mesmerizing when it gets exposed to bright light as it tends to glow due to its nature.

Source: Photo by Camille Brodard

Marbles are quite expensive to buy as they are not manufactured artificially in factories like many other flooring materials. Also, it requires a lot of maintenance at regular intervals to keep it bright and shine. It can also get slippery as they are very soft, which may not suit the elderly.

Comfy Woods

Wooden flooring would serve as a snuggle environment for the property. Through its look and texture. One can choose from various kind of wood pattern from plain to long texture that one think would suit their style. This will add individuality to their place. As they can easily be churned out into pieces and shapes they are extremely flexible to meet all unique needs and yet durable as well. It can be aesthetic with all kinds of decor.

Source: Photo by Toa Heftiba

As we all know woods are vulnerable to water and fungus, so they may need frequent polishing and maintenance. As it can easily get scratched it makes them unfriendly to those who own pets.

Versatile Tiles

They are truly a versatile and all-purpose solution for flooring and other needs. Due to their nature, they are the most common type and widely used method of flooring. As they come in all sizes and shapes they can virtually fit anywhere we need. Bathroom, Walls, countertops are some of the applications where Tiles can be used other than flooring. It’s a go-to option for most of the people as they are also pocket-friendly. Tiles are well known for their low maintenance and stain-proof capabilities. Its highly reflective character gives a sophisticated look to the place.

Source: Photo by Fran hogan

Due to their glassy nature, they are prone to scratches and cracks even through minor drops, they can also get very cold during Winters which can make it unpleasant to walk.

Ethnic handmade Tiles

For those who wish to add some personal touch to their property handmade Tiles are the answer for them. Which comes in a variety of colors and designs to match the personal style of everyone. If one still can’t find that meets their desired style, they can customize personally according to their needs. Handmade Tiles can bring an artistic look to the environment they are put in. It lets the floor to do talking for you. One can get spoiled with plenty of colors and designs to pick from what they offer. It also provides opportunities to local artists as well.

Source: Photo by Claudio Schwarz

Like any Tiles, they are also vulnerable to cracks and scratches. It can get very expensive at times as it requires a personal and artistic touch. In some places, it’s difficult to find some.

 Resilient Concrete

Concrete flooring is known for its extreme toughness and durability. It can withstand any heavy vehicle from cars to forklifts. Which makes them a popular choice for garages and similar parking zones. As they are very hard in nature it’s not easy to dent or scratch, which makes it easy to maintain. Modern advancements have made the concrete floor more appealing by adding colors and design to it from the unattractive gray slab looks it used to be in the past.

Source: www.premierconcrete.net

Though its hardness can be beneficial, it can also cause injury by slips and falls. Due to its high conductivity nature, it can absorb both heat and cold easily which may cause discomfort with prolonged use. Laying concrete floor on bare soil can make it susceptible to liquid damages as well.

There are also other types of flooring like mix and match, etc. Where people combine two or more types of material to design their flooring. Through which they would categorize zones according to their function and give them identity. But one has to be careful while combining different materials as can get too messy and spoil the whole look of the property.

Therefore, choosing the type of flooring that one needs comes down to personal taste, style and requirements. No matter what one wants for his property, with today’s advanced technology they all can be fulfilled. One needs to be wise on selecting on what type of flooring he needs and give utmost care to it.

In the end, flooring a place is vital in our lives as it can change our minds and moods. Check with your interior designer for more flooring options beautifying your home.

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