Frame your precious moments  on a gallery wall

So you have moved into your new home or just stepped into your rental apartment. It is fully functional, cozy, and puts a roof over your head. However, a house is not truly a home, if it does not feel warm and inviting. Spruce up your house by adding a touch of your personality and breathe life into the blank walls of your house. Simply adding a gallery wall made up of your personal collection will help you appreciate your place of dwelling more and also let others share your life with you in a beautiful way.

Picking the perfect canvas for your gallery

And by canvas, I mean wall. Now picking out a wall isn’t all that difficult. When you walk into a room, find out the biggest wall or even the side of the room that captures your interest first. This surface is the right choice to build your gallery wall for that particular room.


Most of the time you would have already set up or planned where your furniture will go in your house. You should always take into account the position of the items that lean against or block off any portion of the walls before picking out the correct one for your gallery. This will ensure that when you design your gallery, important pieces are not hidden away behind a big chair or a bulky sofa.

If you come across a textured or a wallpapered surface that you think will be the perfect place for your gallery, do not shy away from it. Embrace the striking patterns and use them to your advantage by placing big frames on that particular wall. This way, neither the wall nor the photos are too overpowering. If you have a plain wall, this is very ideal, as this is where you can add frames that are big or small and do not have to worry about matching the design in the background. You should keep in mind though that hanging frames that are too small may not be great as it may appear unnoticeable.

A corner is another interesting choice where you can double the coverage of the gallery wall. Gallery walls are no more a thing that is only for large uninterrupted planes. A nook in your home, a small seating corner, or a turning wall in a staircase, can all be good possibilities for you to implement this variation and add depth to those places.

The list of options does not stop there. Nearly any stretch in your house can turn into a stunning gallery wall. You can show off your work in style between two doors or window openings, around your TV unit or a fireplace, above your bed or other furniture, or even on a pillar.


One important aspect you need to consider is that whatever wall you choose, make sure to avoid hanging your art near open atmosphere or extreme conditions such as heat or moisture. It is better to have a long-lasting gallery wall than to have frames that are dirty or paintings that are wearing off due to harsh surroundings.

Selecting the frames that house your collection

When it comes to frames, remember to vary the height, width, and the layout. You don’t need to settle down for the same type of frames. In fact, you don’t even need frames at all times. Gallery walls are all about bringing compatibility between things that may be viewed as totally disparate. There are three types of frames that you can choose from depending on what you want to display:

1) Framed
2) Mounts
3) Frameless



A good-looking pattern, a drawing, or a watercolor painting are some of the things that can be framed. You can use frames if you want to protect or to enhance your items with decorative edging. The material or look of the frame is up to your style. From wood to matte gold, there is plenty of options out there. Another style that you can choose from is to go with floating frames. This is when you add an image between two pieces of glass and frame them to create the effect of your picture floating.



Photographs have a tendency to shrink or crinkle when they come in contact with glass over time. Mounts are therefore the best option for items such as these.



Things like oil paintings should steer clear of glass and hence should not be framed, as they practically take ages to dry or never dry at all.

Whatever type of frame you go with, the goal is to tie everything together with the power of color or material. A combination of black-and-white photographs in one style of wooden frames is a classic idea. You could also try picking out your photos or items that primarily have two or three dominating colors and put them together.

Fixing the placement of your arrangement   

Your collection can consist of different sized frames or objects. A general rule when it comes to deciding where to place which item, is to start with the boldest piece first. Start by placing that in the middle and sprinkling the rest around it here and there to create a balanced effect. If you do not like to crowd your wall, omit about 12 inches of space on the left, right, and top edges of the wall. For the bottom, you can go with keeping about 30 inches of space free. To ensure that your pictures are not too cramped, keep your photos about 3 to 4 inches apart.


If you want to go all out, nothing is stopping you (apart from your furniture) from having a gallery that spans from left to right of the wall, and from the ceiling to the floor.


Do you need to decorate a thin wall, like the one that is between a doorway or a set of windows; align your frames vertically.


However, to stick to a clean and formal style, you can never go wrong with the symmetrical grid arrangement.

Thinking through before finalizing

Take your time and never stop with just one arrangement. Make two or three versions for the same room and ask your friends or family their opinion too. Draw your ideas down and examine how things are placed before you drill in nails.


After you’ve chosen your final design, place your items on the floor or trace out each item’s outline on paper and tape them to the wall to get a sense of how everything will look in the end.

Let your wall’s story evolve

The beauty of having a gallery wall is that it never has to stay the same. If you do not have a lot of things to hang in the beginning, that’s completely OK. As days go by, more memories will be created and they can also get a space on the wall too.


You can also move things around if you happen to discover other items in different orientations that you would like to include. One downside when it comes to taking apart your gallery wall, however, is that your wall will have several holes. Although, this is nothing that some putty and a fresh coat of paint can’t cure.

It is easy to feel confused when planning to upgrade the walls of your house. Creating a gallery wall might be a daunting task at first but it is pretty simple if you use the tips provided above and take things slow. So go ahead, showcase your personal statement in your home and let the walls be the window to your soul.

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