Freshen up your patio

The name patio has its origin from the Spanish word “ patio “, which denotes a place similar to courtyard or forecourt. A patio is a spacious outdoor space adjacent to a residence either front or back that is generally used for recreation and dining. 

A patio is most commonly paved using concrete or stone slabs which is a general term for paving flags. Widely patios are constructed using block paving, bricks, tiles, and gravel. But with the use of more modern techniques patios are being built through materials like acrylic, alumawood, and glass.

Let’s see some of the few patio design ideas a place that can be turned into a lounging area to the cooking station.


Multi-level patio 

Having a backyard with a stream, pond or waterfall not only adds beauty to your patio also contributes to the inner peace. Moreover when designed properly with care multi-level patio doesn’t cost too much to construct or even for maintenance.


Dividing the patio


Arranging the seats in a cramped patio can be similar to a Tetris challenge! So sectioning the patio can be a good compromise to start with. Doing so can accommodate more people than it actually can, which turns pretty small deck to the opulent pit.


Get Grilled

Apparently, without grills, patios don’t get complete. But pulling the grill often from the garage and placing it back at nights can be a stressful job. So building a base for the grill permanently at the patio can be a wise move, if you consider grilling as mandatory.


Alternate material


Some people suggest hauling patio with wood is the only way of designing it, not necessarily. Alternatively, there are lots of other materials that can sprinkle some spark to your patio. Laying the decks with pale pebbles gives your patio a coastal vibe and lying on a hammock lets you feel like you are having a good summer vacation. Also one can choose to fill the deck using pea gravel which is a great solution for the flooring problem.


Escape patio

While setting up a patio doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be attached to the house. They can be built separately from the house which gives you a secondary place for your leisure time. It helps to have your own calm and peaceful time and at the same time can provide a great ambiance for your parties. For instance, imagine setting up a white arbor and having a lush green garden all around it and vines climbing along the columns, if that’s not a perfect escape then what is?


Outdoor patio

People who love outdoors but are in a bad-weather area don’t need to be in despair, you can still make your dream patio even indoors. Constructing an enclosed place that has floor to ceiling windows and laying a cozy paver can set up a patio that lets you enjoy all the weather no matter even if the sun beats up or rain pouring down, you will be safe from them. Adding in the stone chimney could bring more class to the place.


Drink stop

Source: https://www.apartmenttherapy

After starting up the grill and making the perfect margarita with squeezed lime along with that mini umbrella but only to notice that there place to stick it can be such a spoiler! And so does a tottering table could be a party spoiler. So a little foresight could save you a lot of trouble. Placing a large elegant table can be a benefit to any party. Having them in marble can raise the bar one step further.


Power of light

How can there be that personal chat with the special one without the lights at the patio? Or even that all-night party? That being said, one should not go hard or all guns blazing style of lightning. The light should be just enough to illuminate the porch in a soft and subtle way, which in turn provides a romantic feel to space and sprout conversations! 


Spark a fire

On a freezing winter, there is no better place than the flickering fire! The warmth they provide at chilling days is priceless. Maybe they can bring back some old memories of holiday camps. Either way, the flame attracts all the guests to it like moths! Throwing in there some stone benches for guests to rest and enjoy the roaring fire can add to charm they already provide.


Small is big

Having a small place for your patio should not compromise your ambitious dream for it! It’s when you need to take advantage of every inch of the place and make it count. Placing in the right number of chairs and set up with an appropriate size of the table while adding in some flower pots here and there can even be more gorgeous than large patios. But combining the right amount of furniture within the given space is the secret in designing small patios.


Serene time


While talking about designing patios, people think to make it a statement or try to put an excessive amount of thought into it. But the secret for having an elegant patio lies in keeping it as simple as possible! Not only it does look beautiful but it also makes it inexpensive. Another added advantage of simple patios is they can be dismantled, moved or reallocated quite easily. 


Backyard dream

With some clever planning and designing, you can turn a boring backyard to a place for family and relaxation just by bringing in colors and lights. For any dull place throwing in some eye-popping colors could bring in the attraction and changeover it needs. Decorating it wooden swing or placing in dining can lend you good family time.


Patio room

One can also change their patio space into a living room by placing in cushioned furniture along with matching pillows and laying in rug beneath to make it a comfortable, stylish yet affordable alleviating place. It can be a good idea for those who love a house without a roof.

Whether your patio is big or small giving them the attention and care it deserves will surely provide us some wonderful memories to cherish for our lifetime!

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