Funny bathroom decorating ideas on a budget

In the contemporary design, the bathroom maintains its primary function, but it is becoming more and more a secondary role, that of private sanctuary. Bathroom decorating ideas on a budget must cleverly combine the functional with the aesthetic, treating each layout as a unique project. Because we spend  time in the bathroom, we need to upgrade it with some décor fixes. You will find here a few apartment bathroom decorating ideas. Green houseplants, smart storage swap, bold rug, can refresh a room in minutes. You can invest in a total remodel for a significant impact. Make the morning routine more comfortable, adding a his-and-hers sink. Add wallpaper, replace the hardware to create a significant visual change.

bathroom decorating ideas

How to decorate a bathroom

If your walls are white, looking clean and fresh, add vibrant colors towels, carpets for pops of color. A bathroom must be arranged depending on the owner’s taste. You can make your bathroom more pleasant, more functional even if you are dealing with a small space.

When it comes to bathroom decoration, most people think about colors, what kind of textures and shades to choose. If you want to set up your bathroom, the easiest way is to select the same tile format, with the same dimensions. Why do I say that? Because the assembly will be more pleasing to the eye, more orderly.

Choose light and neutral colors and never a dark color. Why? Also, even if initially the bathroom will look dull in the same hue everywhere or up to two colors, believe me, when you will use it, you will add color with towels, for example, bathmat or furniture. You will have cosmetics with colorful packaging. Choose everything as simple and neutral as possible in the bathroom on the large surfaces, and you will not be sorry at all.

bathroom decorating ideas


So, you play with textures rather than shades. Do not choose red in the bathroom; it is a color that attracts attention, causes the heart rate acceleration. It is better to select shades as close to the natural ones (sand, gray, beige, ivory, white) to give you a state of calm.

Bathroom decorating ideas on a budget

If you do not want ceramic tiles, you can opt for the mosaic, because in a small bathroom, the lower the tiles, the more generous space. Also, the mosaic can be mounted in more challenging areas, fitting well on any surfaces.

There is a fiberglass wallpaper that you can mount in the wet area. This type of wallpaper leaves no room for bacteria and mold development because microorganisms do not like fiberglass; they practically have nothing to consume.

Another important aspect is the type of lighting. Besides the central one, in a bathroom, it is good to have light also above the mirror, the more if you miss the window.

Bathroom arrangements according to color

You must consider the size of the bathroom and the style you want to approach when designing it. Bathrooms in two colors allow you to create combinations. Choosing two colors for bathroom design may seem simple, but you need to consider the colors you want to combine.

The bathrooms in purple are trendy.  The Ultraviolet color is sophisticated, so any shades close to this color are ideal for a bathroom arrangement. The purple color expresses refinement and elegance, but it should not be used in interior decorations for small bathrooms, as it will darken the space even more. The purple can be used for rooms with high ceilings or as a contrast color to highlight the furniture.

A turquoise bathroom is modern and energizing. The turquoise color is a protective and healing one that can turn your bath into a place full of good mood. It is suitable for relaxation after a busy day. If you choose the turquoise color for the finishes, you can combine it with shades like white, light brown, or gray. Turquoise is perfect for arranging a modern bathroom, regardless of its size, as it creates the impression of open space.

Bathrooms in the green color create a natural decoration. Green is a color to take you closer to nature. It  gives you a dose of optimism. If you arrange your bath in shades of green, you will revitalize the room. The bathroom will also become a relaxing oasis. Lighter shades of green are a solution for the entire room. Darker shades are great for a bathroom wall. The combination of green and white is ideal for small bathrooms.

Feng Shui rules to follow when designing a bathroom

Not only a practical design can create an organized and pleasant atmosphere. You can achieve this atmosphere by adopting Feng Shui rules through which you will activate the positive energies and harmony in the house, also in the bathroom. Keep these rules in mind when designing your bathroom.

Choose to decorate your bath in pastel shades, warm or cold. Shades of gray and beige, cream, white or light blue are ideal for bathroom decorations, while intense and dark colors can be used only on narrow surfaces or at the bottom (tiles).

  • Use wood, marble and natural stone to maintain a positive energy
  • Do not hesitate to put a plant in the bathroom; it will help to balance the powers in the room
  • Keep the bathroom tidy and clean by choosing efficiently compartmentalized storage spaces for all the items you need in the bathroom
  • Put the mirror in front of the door, to allow the flow of positive energies to reach the whole house


The small dimensions of a bathroom impose certain restrictions both in the choice of colors for interior finishes and in the selection of bathroom furniture, sanitary ware, and accessories. Forget about massive fixtures or generous-sized tubs if you have a small bathroom.

You can opt for a tall, foot-mounted sink that fits the overall style of the interior. Another solution is to buy a small tub, especially since there are a variety of models on the market. Small tiles, as well as sanitary ware and furniture in light colors, give the feeling of space.

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