Give your girl child a room that she loves

Girl babies always do have a special place in a parent’s heart, no matter how mischievous they are. So, to decorate a girl’s room is always a pleasant and joyful experience. The fun and enthusiasm involved in it are priceless!

While starting to sketch out a decoration plan for a girl’s room, one should take the likes and hates of the kid into consideration and design accordingly as you don’t want to make your little princess flutter over the decor.

Start simple

One can try to keep things simple and decor the girl’s room in a minimalistic manner without cluttering the space and cramming the area with all the decorations and stuff. We can let grow the decorations and design along with the kid and plan appropriately with their age and taste.

Leaving room blank not only allows us to make changes to it but also help elevate other designing in the room like bedding, furnishing, etc.

Pretty patterns


We must always try to involve the kids themselves in decorating the room to make sure that it has their personal touch. Making a mixture of patterns in the girl’s headboard and giving them vivid colors can speak volumes of creativity of the kid. Then try to blend them with pale solid wall paint to enhance.

Alternatively, we can also try to splash a trendy patterned wallpaper to their room which will suit the same color language of it and try to design all decoration to complement one another.

Mixing patterns can portray a different and youthful look to the room. While keeping the scale of the room in mind, one can try to mix the pattern on the wall from the beds yet form a symmetrical model.

Amazing accessories

One can try adding accessories to a girl’s room which in turn will subtly add to their beauty. For example, we can append wall art inspired by the color of the bedding or the room itself. These additions can make a difference in the look and feel of the room.

Just by applying starry wallpaper to a ceiling or hanging a frilled screen for the windows will enhance the glamour of the room.

Cool contrast


Mixing colors, in contrast, can also be a sweet and unique model while decorating a girl’s room. Including some ingenious floral patterns to them can suit both a kid and a teen.

Giving cool and contrast shade of colors to the walls and ceiling can give a different appeal to a girl’s room. Accompanying them with muted and lite colored furniture can give a breezy feel to it.

Giving Bilingual colors to the room can give it a sleek and modern look. Not just any combination of two colors, one has to choose with the care that which two will go along for their girl’s room. This color theme can extend to the bedding and furniture as well. If one is not sure about this bilingual colors, can leave white as a base and try adding one by one.

Timeless neutrality

By not being stereotypical one can decorate a girl’s room that doesn’t need to be changed over time as they grow. By choosing classic style and colors for all the properties of the room from bedding to lighting, it becomes ageless! So blending in the soft colors with one another and keeping things quite will help the kids to showcase their creative arts and crafts.

Pinky promise

One of the most popular choices of color for a girl’s room is none other than, Pink! If one decides to go with it then try to go all in, from soft pink walls to flower-filled beds. Not just beds and walls one can add little details here and there with mild contrasts like by sprouting some patterns to window screens, bringing in a carpet to complement, hanging a crystal chandelier adds a spark, etc. These decorating methods scream feminine allover.

Play with colors

As much as we go along with a design plan we can also go against it and try playing with different colors. First, we can choose a color palette and try various combinations among them. For example, green and pink go along very well with any shades among them which can provide a blushy look to the room which brings in a trendy modern feel.

Break the age-old rule of associating girls with pink and splash a solid blue to the room and bring in the hues to make it much more vibrant which can deliver a breezy feel to it.

Also, we can try adding plenty of bold colors at the same time with making a mess to give the room serenity it rightfully deserves.

Go with a theme


As every kid has their individuality, they have their interests in a particular field. For instance, if your little girl is into ballet dancing then try adding pinky shades and ruffles all over to give the mood. Else if she’s into music try placing some keys around the place and setting musically inspired furniture.

On the fun side, try making a circus, jungle or any other themed look. For example while taking jungle themes, adding a lot of artwork with trees and sticking some animals all over. We can also add elements to bedding, having pillows and bed sheets related to the theme. Discuss ideas of interior design for girl’s room with your Interior Designer once before you get started.

Storage and responsibility

One must always remember however they design and decorate their girl’s room try to give enough storage space to it so that they can learn the importance of organizing. Providing the storage the kids require will allow them to be responsible to play and put things back where they belong.

So planning efficient storage for a girl’s room is as important coloring them. If one is short of room space then clever planning can overcome the situation, like adding storage space right below the bed, placing a cabined table, etc.

Decorating and arranging the space for our little princess is a pleasure as they always do have a soft corner with their parents no matter how old they grow!

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