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Greens are always pleasant and easy on the eyes! We are naturally wired to blend with them, which makes us understand the peace and comfort we have while nurturing plants. 

Indoor Ideas

Though, different people have different constraints while growing a plant such as insufficient garden area, little to no sunlight exposure, water scarcity, inadequate time to maintain, etc. But they have many options of plants to choose from to grow their garden amid their inadequacy.

First, let’s look at some of the choices for those people who don’t have enough room to garden outdoors. Indoor plants should be considered as a vital part of interior designing as greenery not only lit up space but also known for their mood-boosting traits.

Indoor plants are very popular for their characteristics like easy to care, health benefits and use in home décor.  They largely benefit people who are short of space for outdoor gardening. 


Source: https://www.englishgardens.com/blog/succulents-the-must-have-plants

As cute as they are, succulents can be a little tricky to grow indoors. However, with these simple tweaks, you will be able to take better care of them.

Choosing the right type of succulent that suits your ambiance or the one you prefer should be the priority, as not all succulents go well for indoor plants. Then checking whether the chosen one can withstand minimal sun exposure and maintenance can make a big difference in your indoor gardening.

Succulents that are bright in colors don’t do well indoors, as they may require more light and direct sun than the indoors generally offer.



The original name of dracaena reflexa is derived from the Greek word “ female dragon “ and has its origins in Madagascar. They are also commonly known by the names the song of India and the pleomele. They are one of the most popular choices for indoor planting.

Unlike its origin name dracaena is a very simple plant, they can even tolerate a certain amount of negligence from their caretaker. But the best part of dracaena is its ability to purify the air we breathe! Which helps improve the air quality of the space.

The glossy leaves of the dracaena can grow up to a foot long. Its dramatic color pattern gives a great look to any room they are present.



Philodendron has been one of the mainstays in the interior garden. Taking care of philodendron is a breeze as they keep sending signals on what they exactly need. So it is a great option for those just started indoor gardening and in the process of learning. They tend to adapt to indoor conditions well enough.

Philodendron plants flourish indoors year after year without making any fuss or complaint. Also, they don’t stress much while switching them indoor or outdoors which makes it a versatile choice.

As we have discussed a few indoor plants, it all comes to personal preferences as indoor gardening is more personal and come under home decoration at some places.



This particular plant can be a great choice of indoor plant for wanderers but still love to grow greens, as they don’t need a lot of water and can manage with very low light even for a significant period. The Aspidistra can suit people who can’t concern about it well enough.



Source: https://travaldo.blogspot.com/2019/01/aglaonema-care-and-culture.html

Usually, people who grow indoor plants don’t want them to grow too quick as needless to say no one wants their living space to be tangled or webbed all around by them. Aglaonema would be a perfect fit for those kinds of persons, which not only tolerates low light can also be the centerpiece of attraction!


Outdoor Ideas

Now let’s see a few ideas for a simple and easy plant to grow for outdoor gardening. Gardening not only adds to the beauty of your home they are proven to be therapeutic.

Spending time in outdoor gardening and caring for plants or growing them significantly reduce stress and anxiety. They tend to bring incredible satisfaction and a sense of purpose.

The best way to start outdoor gardening is to pick plants carefully that require less maintenance which can thrive through all conditions. As they allow us to worry less about when we are not able to afford enough time caring for them. Few plants that fit those people are as follows.



BuddleJa is an extremely hard flowering shrub that requires less maintenance. They are known to attract gorgeous butterflies with their long spires of small flowers. They can sprout very quickly if left unchecked, so pruning it back to one or two buds is a must to keep it adorable.

BuddleJa comes in a wide range of colors and they are also cheap to buy. BuddleJa suit and grow well in all types of soil when placed in a sunny or partially shaded spot.



Forsythia is also one of the easy growing yet great looking shrub with its vibrant colors which gives your garden the attention it deserves.

Though they need a good amount of sunlight to thrive, forsythia accepts all types of soil wholeheartedly! As any shrub does forsythia is also known to grow fast if unnoticed, so they require care occasionally. Forsythia is hard enough to withstand any winter which makes it a great choice.



Source: https://www.rhs.org.uk/plants/plants-blogs/plants/december/lonicera-strawberries-and-cream

Honeysuckle can be a great start for those who haven’t tried climbing plants till then. Not only they add beauty to your home by their variations but they also help to cover any unattractive area or walls. 

In Summers honeysuckle brings some wonderful and sweetly scented flowers which seem to be delicate but very hard. Dutch early Belgica and Dutch late serotina are some of the varieties which produce berries that birds love so much.


Apple trees

Yes, you read it right! As many believe Apple trees are not just for professional gardeners, there are also some dwarf varieties that can be grown in a smaller area. But one needs to make sure they plant s self-pollinating tree else they might grow a tree that doesn’t bear any fruit.

Having apple trees has lots of benefits as you can harvest your very own homegrown garden-fresh apples!

No matter what whether you have an indoor garden or an outdoor, having one and watching the plants grow under our care is a bliss!

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