Here’s how you make your bathrooms better!

Commonly when people try making their home smart and modern, bathrooms are the least concerned place yet they are the most private and personal space of an individual. A place that requires maintenance at regular intervals. So one has to make sure that they invest a lot of time and thoughts while designing a bathroom that needs to be clean and comfortable. Let’s discuss designing a bathroom for both who have lesser space to work with also on sophisticated ones.

Designs for small bathrooms

In India, the majority of people are living in an apartment where their bathroom spaces are cramped to have any modular designs, but still, that doesn’t mean they can’t have a modern look. Let’s see how to extract the best out of the space.

Mirror mirror

As mirrors can reflect plenty of light they help open up spaces in the bathroom, leaving us to install fewer lights. These days mirrors come in all designs and sizes, placing an L-shaped mirror right in the corner will save the space from being unused.

Source: Photo by Chastity Cortijo

Adding frameless mirrors can enhance the design, topping them with backlighting will escalate the modern look desired.

Let in the Rays

Often confined bathrooms have an insufficient source of natural light, so while planning on it one should be sure to place large windows to them. Which will in return a great deal of natural light into the bathroom. For privacy concerns, one can opt for frosted glass for the windows to blind the vision.

Source: Photo by Steven Ungermann

Still, some bathrooms lack enough source of natural light, hanging some ambers to the ceiling can bring in some sense of space and aid brightening up the room. So it’s like one’s having skylight day and night.

Tiles and patterns

Laying bigger and neutral-colored tiles can allude a classy touch and also make cramped space to seem bigger. Extending the tiles to walls will add uniformity to the bathroom. Muted and subtle colors for tiles will make space look exquisite.

Source: Photo by John Mark Arnold

For bolder and creative people throwing in some solid colored and patterned tiles will give an appealing touch. Applying narrow and vertical tiles with a mixture of multiple colors can make the bathroom larger than it is. One can make use of colors and patterns to make up for the lack of space.

Slim and sleek

Installing bulky fixtures of showers and faucets in an already cluttered space will do no good. So one must choose slim and sleek fixtures for their bathroom. Not only they are pretty and compact but also suitable for small bathrooms.

Storage shortage

When it comes to bathrooms, insufficient storage space is one of the important hurdles we all face. So we must make sure that we optimally use each corner of the room.

Handle free cabinet and floating shelves are some of the popular choices for the modern age bathroom designs, which gives a seamless look. If a bathroom makes good use of the height to accommodate cabinets and shelves then they are true to their optimal design.

Source: Photo by deborah flōden

Placing basin, toilet and shower cubicle at each corner will perfectly make use of the space in a very confined area. If one can’t sacrifice a bathtub then worthy distraction would be a vibrant or dramatic patterned tile that will help to match the confined space.

Wood and stones

Bringing in some natural materials like wood and stones into the mix can have a minimalistic yet the countryside feels to the bathroom, distracting people from insufficient space. They also provide a natural vibe to the bathroom.

Designs for larger space

Few people like to flaunt their pure luxury in everything. Not just rich people everyone likes to have a sophisticated and comfortable bathroom if they can afford one. One can give individual attention in detail to each aspect of the bathroom from faucets, mirrors, tiles, lights, etc. Let’s look into some of the interesting lavish ideas that can be added to your bathroom.

Opulent bathrooms

The right combination of fashion and design will spike the elegance of the bathroom. Hanging in a hand-painted chandelier and laying on marble on both floor and walls while placing a master bathtub at the center with gold fit linings will take you to a whole new world!

A bathroom can be made with full of character. A good interior designer can help you here. With some unconventional method of designing using printed wallpapers, some unique lighting and mirror designs bring in the sleek and classy feel to the bathroom.

To give simple yet lavish radiation to the bathroom one can go with white and wood design language while letting plenty of light through the window will allow the space to glow to give the sooth and relax you need.

Vibrant splash

Adding some bright and eye-popping colors can give a different tone to the bathroom. Like mixing gold and red will have a vibrant feel. Dropping in full black basins and countertops can take your design to another level!

Source: Photo by Curology

Get natural

A touch of green and woods can provide a lively interior to the bathroom. A brown-toned design with a hinge of greens brings in the warmth and comfort to space. Live plants can be set to give aesthetics to the design.

Mesmerizing mirrors

Mirrors always tend to have a premium feel to them. When filling our bedroom with lots of glass in a well thought out design they can just take us a dream space! While highlighting the shower space with large mirrors gives a twinkling touch to the bathroom.

Plain whites and glass designs go hand in hand, complementing each other. The white palette will ensure the place to be well lit even with minimal lights and adding some crisp lines of steel to divide the space can give a mesmerizing finish to your bathroom. Topping them with white tiles or marbles can shoot you to cloud nine!

As we have discussed no matter whether you have free or cramped bathroom space, never ignore to plan a well thought out design for it, as they are one of the personal parts of our lives.

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