Home decor – Useful tips to make your house more lively!

Who likes to live in a pile of unarranged messy place? The answer will always be, none. Decorating a home doesn’t only mean adding decorative things to the place but also arranging already existing items in an attractive good looking manner.

Arrangements of the home not only gives the owners the pleasure and peace to live in but also establish their taste and character. So decorating home does involve personal touch to it.

Decorating a home itself is an art and science which includes lots of things to consider like, how much space do we have? What would suit our painting? Etc. So let’s discuss a few popular decor items or ideas.

Wall of Decor

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Walls are the usual prima facie of a home, they indicate how much care we take of our home. The prettier the walls better the impression we make ourselves. There are numerous ways to decorate or design a wall like giving a light accent, hanging an artwork, adding textures, etc. Let’s see a few additions that can change the look of your wall and home.


Adding some unique and distinct artwork and photographs as a gallery wall can elevate your personality. One can also try to stretch the gallery to the ceiling to make space look large.


Adding an accent to the wall can give a unique expression to the home. While decorating a wall try involving painting, wallpapers, stencils, etc. Whichever you think that would give the desired look. These decorating styles can have a huge impact even in smaller spaces.


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Decorating a wall just doesn’t mean splashing paints and putting up frames. The real beauty and the personal touch involved in the nuances of decoration. A very little addition to the detail can magnify the ritz of your design.

One can think of adding texture with weaved material, can hang bike on the wall, mounting a television can showcase a different look, adding a removable wall art can give a posh sophisticated look to a home. Likewise adding little details to the wall can change the whole look and feel of a home.

Green House

Another great but subtle idea to decorate your home is to bring some greenery into it, which can sprout calmness and pacify our emotions. One might think they don’t have enough square feet or sunlight to decor their home green but they are not constraints anymore. As there are different kinds of plants that require little sunlight to grow or even try artificial plants or succulents which require little to no observation.

Hanging pots

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Hanging plants is one of the most preferred methods of green decoration. As they are simple and easy to install which don’t require extensive maintenance. Dropping plants can give a poetic look to your space.

Beautiful Pots

Plants in a pot itself poetry. Adding anything to it will just increase its beauty. Like adding crafted pots, designed ceramic pots or even one customized by ourselves. Placing these pots to reside near a window or, setting it up on a desk can be appeasing.

Go large

If you just feel you have enough space for exploring decoration then placing large plants beside the sofa which used to be a corner most of the time can make your space lively with its beaming green.

Branches and vases

Not just plants sometimes branches can do the trick. Inserting a branch or a shoot into a glass vase filled with water can be so mesmerizing which would provide a right blend of modern and unorthodox look to your space.

Light Accent

Generally designing a lighting system for homes has three layers to it namely ambient, task and accent. While ambient lights are the basic source of light to space, task lights are used to meet specific needs and directed towards them. Then there comes the accent lighting which brings in creative ideas, emphasizes an artwork or wall decoration, etc.


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Uplighting or backlighting is when you place a light behind an accent wall or a piece of artwork to glorify them. They provide a halo effect that can provide a sophisticated touch to your space.

Decorative ceiling lights

Decorative ceiling lights can bring a luxurious feel to a home. The accent it brings will have a distinct look. These days there are plenty of choices to design a ceiling with decorative lights.

Wall lights

Though wall lights can come under the ambient lighting layer still they shed a fair amount of accent to the place. But one needs to be creative to make wall lights interesting like adding a subtle and complementary color to it.

Pendants and torchieres

Pendant lights are those which suspended from walls can be eye-catching to those who love modern looks. They are predominantly used in dining and kitchen areas.

One should not confuse torchieres for floor lamps, torchieres usually point upwards, casting light towards the wall and ceiling. They commonly come under the uplighting category.


Figurines are not just a statuette, they add meaning to our home and reveal one’s personality. As there are various types of figurines available in the market choosing them to match our needs require attention.

One must always be aware of their space size as placing large figurines can have a great impact on the look of the space.

Go by theme

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Different people have an interest in different fields, so they can design their space using field related figurines to add a personal touch. For example, if anyone’s interested in cinema, they can try placing miniature cameras or directorial chair, vice versa if one is into music.


Few people have immense pleasure to collect antiques as a hobby. Displaying them as figurines will elevate the home’s classy feel. Though one has to be careful while showcasing antiques as they are so valuable.

Metal and wood figurines

While decorating home don’t decorate specific space with a certain type of figurines such as metal or wood, rather try spreading the figurines throughout the whole home evenly which be much aesthetic.

One can also try setting figurines at unusual places like bathrooms or pathways as it will spice things up.

After all, Decorating home is not just making it beautiful, it’s exhibiting ourselves!

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