How to decorate a small house – great possibilities!

We present top ideas on how to decorate the lobby from the entrance to a small apartment. Learn how to decorate a small house. Although the entrance hall is a rather small space, it plays a significant role in the arrangement of the house. In this area are kept the outer clothes, shoes, hats, hats, bags, and keys. Here you welcome the guests. Here you look in the mirror before you leave, and when you return, you change your footwear with slippers. It is effortless to set up a less spacious lobby. It is simple to decorate a small space to be welcoming every day!

First impression matters. This is way is important to know how to decorate a small house.  It is good to arrange the hall as best as possible to make an excellent impression from the beginning. Your guests should be welcomed warmly, but also in a climate conducive to a visit, with pleasant decor and useful space.

As it is known, the hall is a space without much brightness, it has different sizes, from very small to very large. Therefore, you need to organize it from a spatial point of view, with the well-chosen wallpaper or paint, the lighting with appropriate elements placed at perfect angles to give a proper perspective of the hall. The parquet should be in tune with the other objects; the furniture should be simple, but well placed. There are only a few ideas about how to decorate a small house.

The storage places of some objects (clothes, shoes) should be placed not to disturb the eye – the most severe art critic.  The elegance must be the main element from the door. It set the tone of the house and must be attractive and functional, not charged.

The color of the hallway gives the tone of the whole house color, which must be in harmony, in order not to cause visual discomfort. We know that in small rooms should be used light shades, pale, even white. You can paint a single wall in an accent shade, like the tone in other rooms of the house.

You don’t need to paint the hall according to strict rules; it must give a personal note, have pale tones that warmly welcome you “at home.”

blue hall

The first contact the visitor has with the house is the hall, the passage room between the rooms. The aesthetics of the hall are paramount in the layout of all the spaces in the home. It depends on some factors: the size of the area, which should include essential furniture items such as clothes hanger, shoe, key holder.

The simplicity of placing the objects in the space intended for the hallway gives a pleasant impression, offers an elegant tone to the hall, and a correct utility of the area. You can embellish it by adding shelves, niches, small carpets placed on the parquet floor, lighting objects, flower vase, etc.

How to visually enlarge the hall in a small apartment

If you have an apartment with a short hallway, we recommend following the tips below, and your entrance will be unrecognizable.

  • An easy way to answer the question “how to decorate a small space “is the widening of the areas is the dismantling of the doors that separate the hall from the room. This way, the light will enter the building, and it will be much more spacious.
  • If you can refurbish the rooms of the house, then you can arrange a separate area for the entrance hall, you can install a closet or a sliding wardrobe.
  • In the entrance hall, the mirrors are indispensable. They visually enlarge any room, especially the small and dark ones. You can mount a mirror on the entire wall or the front door.
  • The photo gallery will turn the hall into a much more cheerful and spacious room. Choose light colors and landscapes.
  • Vertical lines made of different materials will make the ceiling look taller and the interior more elegant.
  • In a small hall, the most appropriate colors are warm and neutral colors. Avoid intense colors and massive drawings.
  • The white color gives the hallway freshness and a neat look. You can combine it with gold, beige, light gray, yellow, and the cool tones of the wood.
  • If the apartment’ style is a minimalist, high-tech style, then the gray color will complement the overall concept wonderfully.
  • The color of the wood is considered the color of domestic comfort and a sign of respect for tradition.
  • The lively orange emanates heat and light, replacing the missing sunbeams in the lobby.
  • The yellow will make the smaller lobby brighter and more spacious. Combine it with white.
  • Red is an unusual and daring choice. You can only paint a wall or a ceiling.

Finishes for the hall

Choose solid materials resistant to mechanical damage, dirt, moisture, and easy cleaning. From an aesthetic point of view, opt for bright colors.

Use for the floor in the hallway the following materials: porcelain stoneware, linoleum. In this area, you need to avoid the natural parquet, the laminate flooring, and the indoor carpet.

small hall

Use for the floor in the hallway the following materials: porcelain stoneware, linoleum. In this area, you need to avoid the natural parquet, the laminate flooring, and the indoor carpet. For the walls, you can choose materials such as washable paint, wallpapers, cork boards, or decorative bricks. To visually raise the ceiling, use white, mirrored surfaces and elongated decorations.

Both furniture and accessories must be as practical and comfortable as possible. For small apartments, the most convenient would be if you order furniture according to your size and needs. In the hall, the most necessary accessories are the key holder, the umbrella, and the wall clock. Arrange the lobby as you like, but everything must be in harmony.

The perfect solution for small hallways is the LED. Install them on the ceiling or the walls. A bright lobby will look much more spacious.

A harmony of colors must dominate all the spaces in the house. Hot or cold tones should dominate all areas without changing from one tone to another, which would create discomfort, discontinuity. The primary colors should be supported by complementary colors to have a perfect color throughout the house. The harmonious combination of colors offers comfort, recreation, rest.

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