Ideas for bohemian living room

Boho decorating is a beautiful expression of your individuality, here are a few ideas for bohemian living room. Bohemian or boho decoration is the appropriate style for those who want a home full of life, culture, and new items. This style is the face of modern sensibilities. It embraces the relaxed, carefree, and the spectacular. Bodo rooms are exceptional. You will never see two boho rooms completely alike.

Ideas for bohemian living room
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What is a boho style?

The word comes from Bohemia, a region in the Czech Republic. Many gypsies used to live there. The boho style looks like the image of these people. It is slightly wild, impermanent, bright, and creative. If you study this style, its permissiveness gives you lots of ideas for bohemian living room.

And it is as free as possible. The style features classic, eco, and glamour styles.

Ideas for bohemian living room
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There are lots of options in this style. You can add national elements and items to your favorite country. You can reveal your inner artist. Boho style is an expression of universal optimism and love, expressed in geometric patterns, hand-made products, and fanciful colors. These are only a few Ideas for bohemian living room

More about bohemian style

Boho style is the best choice for people living an unconventional life, such as writers, actors, travelers, and singers. The ideas for a modern bohemian living room are easy to apply — this style mirror an spectacular artistic life combining colors, objects, pattern, and textures from different countries. If you are looking for boho style, you can make your own, with your dedication, fantasy, and artistic talent.

Bohemian colors

Boho décor allows a plethora of colors, textures, furniture, and accessories. There are no rules when you want to decorate in Boho style. The most recommended colors are warm earthy colors, but you can use jewel or metallic tones. The base colors are greens, grays, and deep browns. To make your décor more inviting, you can also use accessories in saturated purple, orange, or electric blue. You can enrich the décor with a combination of layers and colors. You can mix textures and patterns and use styles that are not usually combined.

Ideas for bohemian living room
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Some ideas for bohemian living room

Feel free to use patterns and dyed textiles from Cambodia or India. Your space will be full of exotics and fun.  You also can hang tapestries and area rugs on the walls. You also can hang art pieces and photos. Maybe you can believe that your décor overcharged becomes annoying. Keep in mind that saturated colors are the key to success in Boho style. If you use many rich tones, white can be the best place to bring a visual space in your home.

Lots of decorative materials

Boho has an original philosophy: “more ins better.” The success key is the use of decorative elements in a room and mix and match. Use burlap and sisal, natural materials, combined with chenille and silk. The articles must have a unique look: not damaged, not shiny. Feel free to use crochet, macramé, and fringe for curtains, pillows, and rugs. You will obtain a cozy and inviting décor.

Furniture for Bohemian style

You can’t find in a store boho furniture. The rooms, filled with furniture collected over time, become uniques. You need to seek vintage and secondhand items. It is a good idea to choose unique furniture that tells a story. Explore local vintage shops and select each piece carefully.

Ideas for bohemian living room
Inspiring bohemian style

You and your guests will feel the bohemian vibe with couches and chairs in saturated colors. You can throw overstuffed floor pillows and rugs to create a floor sitting environment.

A bohemian room needs a sit and stays awhile feel, you need to choose relaxed pieces. Daybeds, chaises longues, butterfly chairs will easily find their place.

Accessories and lighting

The lighting can unify your boho house. Appropriate lighting will complete the relaxed, calm, and welcoming feel.  Forget about overhead fixtures and decorate with multiple lanterns.  You can use candles, floor and table lamps. There are lots of styles and shapes to create the ideal boho look.

It is vital to bring your home to life with hanging plants. They do vibrancy in your room and improve air quality — the more, the merrier, as you already know, these plants are available in a broad range of textures and colors. Peace lilies and philodendron withstand a variety of light and temperature levels.  You also can consider succulents. You can find these cute plants on a large scale of textures and colors. These tiny plants need only occasional watering and a sunny spot.

bohemian lighting
bohemian lighting

Your bohemian room is not complete without hand-made items, heirlooms, items from your travels. The accessories must tell your story. Use tapestries, maps, vintage bottles, and mismatched china. Keep in mind that the bohemian style tends to be eclectic, but it is chic and glamorous. Don’t hesitate to use an ornate chandelier or a gold-framed mirror.

Unusual boho style decor

If you want to create a bohemian atmosphere at home, the great advantage is that there are no rules of décor. Hand-made items and vintage objects will fit perfectly. You can buy antiques at the flea market. It is a good idea to check your family’s chest. Maybe you can find the history of the item and find a place in your house. You may choose:

  • Boho paintings in vintage frames
  • Molding
  • Statuettes
  • Colored doorways
  • Bulb garlands
  • Boho curtain accessories
  • Posters and wall ornaments
  • Decorative globes.

It is a trap here. If you don’t choose the objects  carefully, the effect can be kitsch, not a boho style.

Boho choc is unique because there is no rule, like in conventions design. You can easily mix a variety of colors and styles. You will create a unique look. The boho style is creative and full of personal inspiration. A great benefit is that you can do some exceptional items if you have the skills.


Boho style is created to amaze. Being destinated to those who want their home filled with carelessness and beautiful colors, boho style is a success. Only in boho styled room, you can see French motifs, oriental pieces, and an antique mirror. In short, the bohemian design creates the best atmosphere for creativity. Do not hesitate to value ideas for bohemian living room. Check out interior designers in city who can help you in designing your home with Boho style.

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  1. The bohemian is so much in trend right now that anyone could do it and would love it in their space, people are engaged in doing bohemian fashion and your blog post is going to be very helpful for many in the need or search for styling the room or a space in a boho style, the list of things that you have mentioned about the boho style like color, material, furniture style is amazing and very descriptive.

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