Ideas, tips and inspiration models to decorate the living room

The living room is a space for relaxation and leisure, which can be arranged considering only the decorating styles you like. This room is a multi functional one that will host movie nights or festive dinners, where children would like to play, and the parents will sometimes have to work. Therefore, before you start to decorate the living room, it would be good to know how much you are going to spend in this room. Establish what activities will take place here and if you need certain storage facilities. The answers to these questions will be the starting point to decorate a living room that is both comfortable, harmonious and practical.

We recommend that, before actually starting to decorate a living room, make a list of all the functions you want to perform in your living room. Then create a sketch of the space and a probable configuration of each element that you will integrate into the décor. Identify the point of interest of the room (it can be a fireplace, a wall with a special architecture, a window with a special view).  Plan the location of each electronic device you will need.

decorate the living room

Tips to decorate the living room according to shape and size

The apartments rarely have spacious and bright living rooms, however very small living rooms or wagon-like rooms are very common. Fortunately, nothing is impossible in interior design, so if you follow a few rules, it will be easy for you to create a harmonious decoration even in the most difficult spaces.

Arrangement of a small living room

In general, when dealing with small spaces, you need to pay close attention to the colors. A well-chosen color palette can visually enlarge a small room and, in addition, make it look brighter.

 The light colors have an optical effect of enlarging, while the dark ones make everything look closer. Therefore, a too low ceiling should always be painted white or in a neutral hue. If you choose wood paneling finishes or decorative panels that mimic wood, opt for lime, maple or oak color.

Rely on the monochrome of neutral light shades (white, cream white, beige, light gray). It is ideal for Scandinavian, minimalist, industrial, rustic and contemporary decor.

Avoid any color scheme consisting of more than four colors.

decorate the living room

Other tricks to make a small living room look bigger

 Make sure that there is a distance of at least a few centimeters between the wall and the sofa, armchairs or stools.

Choose furniture items of appropriate proportions to the available space, but try to reduce their number. It is preferable to have a corner with five seats instead of a small sofa, with two seats, accompanied by two armchairs and a chair.

Try to save space by choosing furniture with the simplest and most graceful lines. Armless sofas are preferable to those with curved arms, even if the they look more elegant.

When choosing between a multifunctional piece of furniture and one with a single function, always choose the first one. A sofa bed with storage space, a work desk with side shelves, an ottoman that can be used both as a coffee table and as a stool, will help you save precious space and even save a considerable amount.

The arrangement of a long and narrow living room

Rectangular living, narrow, is not so difficult to arrange as you imagine. The secret lies in how you organize the space in two main areas: the social area (which contains the sofa, the armchairs, the coffee table, possibly the TV) and the dining area ( which contains a table, chairs and shelves for the accessories needed to arrange the table). Depending on your needs, the dining room can be replaced with a workspace, where you can integrate an office, a shelving unit, a chair and, of course, a computer or a laptop.

You can separate the areas from the narrow and long living room with the help of carpets, an L-shaped corner or a stepped shelf.

Mount it on the wall and place around it pictures or black and white framed photographs. This way, when it is closed, it will not look like a black rectangle, but will appear integrated in the decoration.

If the living room is decorated in a classic or shabby chic style, frames the TV in a richly decorated picture frame.

A decorated living room following the advice of one of the promoters of modern architecture, the architect Mies van der Rohe, uses “Less is more”, to choose a simple frame, in a neutral or contrasting color to that of the wall. Be sure to be able to move around the room without going around the furniture. In general, an ideal traffic lane in the living room has a slightly snake shape and a width of about 80 centimeters.

Arrangement of an open living space

Whether you have obtained approval for the demolition of the walls between the kitchen, hall and the living room, or if you were already the owner of such an open space, in the arrangement of a living open space the priority is to create a cohesive aspect. We refer here to both the color palette and the coordination of details and styles. You cannot have a minimalist decor in neutral colors in the living room, while the kitchen space is filled with extremely ornate wooden cabinets in reddish hues.

decorate the living room

If you want to use different colors for the walls in different areas of the open space, still maintain a continuity in the color and texture of the doors and windows.

Use the same finish for the floor, regardless of whether it is the space for cooking or the living room. There is laminate wood flooring specially treated for high humidity spaces, ideal for the kitchen, so nothing stops you from ensuring the continuity of the appearance on the floor level.

Give creativity when defining the areas of open space. The easiest is to use carpets of different design, but that integrate harmoniously into the decor. An unique option is to mount polystyrene panels or decorative boxes on the walls of the dining area or the workspace. Thus, you will be able to keep the chromatic color unchanged. You will add visual interest to the space by modifying a little the architecture of the walls.

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