Inexpensive ways to upscale your home

A luxurious home is not that difficult to own these days. This is true even if you have very little to work with or a budget that cannot be stretched too much. There are a ton of effortless ideas and DIY projects out there that you can use to can get that stylish appearance you are looking for you. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee and take a look at these well-kept industry secrets. They are simple to implement and go easy on your bank account as well.

Redesign your home with a color scheme in mind

A revamp should always start with a good plan. Deciding the color palette for your home is one major step that you can take to freshen things up. Always keep the color of your furniture in the back of your mind when you make your choice for your rooms, as clashing colors are always a big no-no.


The color of a room can be bold or soft depending on your personality. Dramatic colors can look instantly rich while duller hues give out a mellow feeling. For instance, painting the doors of your room or cupboards in black is an ingenious trick that automatically gives your room an expensive vibe. Black is also a go-to color to lessen the work for yourself when it comes to maintaining your home. Ensure that you balance out all that the black on the walls and doors by adding other dark accessories to the room.

Whatever you do, pick colors that are part of the same color palette, for instance, cream, brown, and blue. This way you can be sure that there you won’t walk in on any wild color clashes.

Spruce up your living room

Dress up the furniture in your living room in gorgeous textiles. This is one of the simplest ways you can bring that pop of color to brighten things up. You can either upholster all the pieces of your sofa set or add a bit of interest with throw pillows.


Throw pillows can be bought cheap and arranged on existing sofa sets. If you already have a few throw pillows, take out the old covers and refashion them by getting new fabric scraps and sewing up a unique cover.

Rugs are another way to make it appear like you’ve spent a truckload of money to redo your room. You do not have to go all out on rugs or get the biggest one in the store. A small rug, or a dwarf rug, is more than sufficient to introduce the feeling of warmth and space. Be clever and opt less expensive rugs, more durable rugs that need minimal cleaning especially when you have children in the house so that you don’t have to worry about the life of the rug as it can take care of itself.

Next, add texture to your living room by introducing some vintage or antique accessories or pieces of furniture. This could be a beautiful heirloom or something that has a timeless history attached to it, one that you can when your loved ones come over. This is something that store-bought or expensive-looking furniture cannot give. Contrary to general thought, adding a couple of these pieces to your room will not destroy the theme of your room but will only tie things together.

Drap those windows

Add an instant wow factor with an excellent window treatment. Buy curtains and rods that expand a little farther than your actual window to steer clear from the cheap look and amateur.


Before you begin, measure the dimensions of your window so that you will know exactly how much material you have to buy. One more way to reduce costs us to purchase sheer fabrics or cotton that is light in weight. This way it serves the purpose of giving you the needed privacy without having to splurge too much on costly fabric. 

Make a difference with lighting

When we think of lighting, natural is always the best. Keep in mind the position of furniture in your room and ensure that they don’t block out any windows or doors that let in the natural light and air.


Once you are sure that all the outside light can come in, you can continue to beautify your room with artificial lighting. The allure of this is mostly in the fixtures. Add more elegance to your home by selecting fixtures that are completely different than your standard ones. Sometimes the best ones can be found in second-hand stores for a price that falls under your budget.

If you have existing fixtures, add a coat of striking spray paint to make them look costly. Gold and black are exceptional choices for this. Artificial lighting just doesn’t have to be fitted into the walls and ceiling. Introduce table and floor lamps all around the home to add to the coziness.

Be minimal and clean up frequently

Minimalism is one of the hot trends that has caught on too quickly in recent days. It is no surprise that having fewer things in your house is more than enough. This way cleaning or decluttering your home isn’t a chore anymore.


Don’t forget to keep up with your spot cleaning ritual every so often. This allows you to get to the ugly spot before it causes too much damage or becomes a mountain of a mess. 

Let your walls speak

Elude thoughtfulness by adding interesting accessories or an impressive gallery wall. These things include a special touch of your personality and let people know the real you. Bring out those old photo boxes and sort through the pictures that makes you well up inside and make a collection of those to include in your gallery wall. Choose textures and colors that go well with each other when selecting frames and other items to display.


Find one element that ties everything all together. It can be similar colors or even the theme. Even if you notice a piece of art that you don’t prefer but you loved the way it is framed, you can purchase it anyway and swap it out for a painting or oversized version of a photograph that you love. 

Expand your dwelling space

Mirrors are sneaky additions that can instantly add more space to your room by giving a sense of largeness.


Choose the right placement when you fit mirrors in your home so that they can reflect the majority of your room. Having oversized mirrors on your wardrobe or bedroom is also another way to do this.

Liven up it with greenery 

Plants are another way to add some life to your home. Growing tiny plants that require less attention can keep the place fresh with only a little effort from your side. A tiny garden in your balcony can also achieve the same result.


Reflect your taste with fancy china

This can be too trivial for some but having good cutlery and china can amp up your game in an instance.


Spending a few extra on some fancy china doesn’t always have to be the trick. A simple set of white place and bowls can be friendly on your pocket but at the same time have a greater impact as it is minimalistic in nature.

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