Interior designers’ ideas for your baby girl

If you are expecting a baby, the nursery is the essential room in your house, professional interior designers will make your dreams come true. You are searching for a name; you are planning a future and doing your best to prepare the nursery. To arrange a room less conventional than the traditional pink nursery, try the boho is the style. It is the style you are looking for. This style is eclectic and vintage, fresh, and surprising. People love it.

There are many ways you can take to create a bohemian-inspired nursery. The style is culturally inspiring, filled with colors and original items. Many designers choose earthy tones and rich textures to transport you to a cozy, inviting, and warm nursery. Use plants for freshness.

Neutrals and naturals are the best choices

People familiar with bohemian décor imagine a cozy bedroom with heavy curtains, rugs, pillows, and spectacular decorative items from Asia or South America. We agree that this is not the right solution for a baby. Interior designers propose a modern boho style, focused on a different approach. They will design an airy, light, and inviting bedroom.

For a nursery, you need to use a neutral palette and choose wisely the materials.

bogo nursery - interior designers

The walls can be whitewashed and covered with organic paint. It is mandatory to have a beautiful crib with organic cotton sheets and wool blankets. An interior designer will add wooden toys, essential sweet oil fresheners to have a safe space for a baby girl. It is a neutral décor, allowing you to express your creativity. You can now focus on details.

Love the details

Feel free to use bold colors, but don’t exaggerate. A nursery needs a subdued look. If the walls are entirely white, a few multicolored buntings will bring a new life. The room mustn’t be too colorful; the baby girls have sensitive eyes. The charm of the boho style will dominate, keeping the room warm, relaxing, and airy. Interior designers will propose now the appropriate patterns. Geometric or floral prints wallpapers will make the room cozy. It the wallpaper looks too much, use some pastel curtains.

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The walls

Bohemian style brings delicate decorative items that make the room charming and inviting. You can keep little pieces on the shelves or the walls. You will add more life and originality to your little girl’s room. Use curtains and macramé tapestries. A boho-signature is the dreamcatchers. You can make small wreaths using different crystals and hand them on the window. It is a way to transform the sun rays into little rainbows.  And now we can do something about the light.

You can decorate lamps and chandeliers with small glass pendants and create a magical, fascinating atmosphere. If you want the first light, you can glue a piece of lace onto the brim of the lamp. It is a boho décor piece useful and spectacular at the same time.

More space

The interior designer knows how to create more space in a small room. Décor, in a pastel color, such as coral enriched with flowers, is a great idea. Moroccan vibe creates a Boho style with curtains and some pictures and garlands. You also can use bunting flags, recently in trend.

Moroccan inspired curtains and rugs are also a wise choice

To create more space, interior designers recommend a successful color combination: coral, aqua, and yellow.

o nursery - interior designers

Boho style is perfect for a nursery. It is an eclectic mix of fabrics, patterns, and colors. Watercolor style prints mix perfectly in a fun manner. A dream catcher makes miracles for a boho vibe.

Don’t neglect the feelings

To master a bohemian look in your baby girl nursery, adorn the room with textiles. Ethnic and tribal prints, floral and geometric shapes, rugs across the floor, and the nursery will be cozier and inviting. Use come wool blankets in pastel colors next to the nursing chair. Add many mismatched throw pillows to create cozy heaven. Now it is time to curl up with your baby and give her cuddles.

The detail

Boho style is well known as an eclectic collection of artwork. To create a focal point, hung a macramé piece above the changing table. If you like knitting, you can do it yourself. There are many tutorials to help you with knitting. You also can opt for a vintage floor rug. You can place it on the wall. If you can find a retro frame in specialized stores or flea markets, add modern paintings, maps, or drawings and crafts from your family members.

Don’t forget dream catchers, absolutely a must! You can make one of feathers and wood, flower wreath to hang over the cot.

Refreshing plants

Every boho nursery must have at least two plants. Large plants are a sweet spot to make a beautiful statement. You can use hanging plants if you need more space.  You need to verify the plants you want to introduce in your baby space. It is necessary to avoid toxic plants or plants with stems or leaves with asperities.


Add unique design elements to your boho nursery.

The great advantage of the boho nursery is you don’t need to transform too much the nursery when your baby girl grows. You need to move the cot and add a little bed. You also can make some changes, because the baby is already bored having the same décor for months.

o nursery - interior designers

A great color palette has dusty rose; natural tones pop of green, and copper. There are many other possibilities, but you are free to design the way you like, that is the boho style. Here are only ideas recommendations. Use velvet; it brings a luxe feel.

Be careful! Some of the cribs you can find in specialized stores contain blankets, bumpers, pillows, and stuffed animals. Pediatricians strongly recommend removing all soft objects from cribs for safe sleep.

Another advice is to select durable furniture pieces to decorate a teenager’s room. The fabrics and rugs must be durable and washable, easy to clean.

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