Lets the spring cleaning begin

Spring is a season of joy and happiness, So it’s better to start cleaning the home and get prepared without letting it stuck in the winter blues. For many people, spring cleaning is more of a traditional routine every year for themselves to be prepared for the blooming seasons of spring and summer that follow.

Cleaning your home from top to bottom is never an easy task, but the joy and pleasure that comes in while looking at a clean space are more satisfying, which will make us feel that it’s worth the effort.

So let’s discuss a few tips and tricks that will help in doing all those hectic work in a more organized manner.


One at a time

Taking things one at a time helps you clean deep with much more attention to the details and also the efficient way to clean. Using checklists as a springboard for deep cleaning for areas in your room that requires special attention would help enormously. One can skip things that have recently been attended and cleaned so that we can focus on the neglected places all through the winter.


Get in many hands

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When you think you might need little help in your cleaning venture try getting in as many hands possible through family and friends. As a most willing helper can take lots of workload of yours and share. There are some great ideas to make even reluctant helpers get going like a declaration of some sort of reward to get the work done or throwing in some music during the work.


Clear the clutter

Getting rid of the clutter that you don’t need is one of the toughest parts in spring cleaning. Sorting things out can be challenging, so here is an approach to help you with that. While beginning, dividing things into these four categories namely giveaway, trash, store or put away make your spring cleaning process more easy and efficient. Cleaning will get a lot easier when we remove the clutters.

A simple four-step strategy would aid you not only in spring cleaning but also on any other problem that is to identify problems, analyzing reasons, determining solutions and employing the remedies. Approaching any through that can make you productive on your works.


Keep it simple

The cleaning section of the store is full of variety which can be confusing and overwhelming to choose from that would suit our cleaning. Picking too many cleaning tools can also pile up the cabinet and storeroom again. 

So we must resist the urge to buy all the cleaning items we see. To be more effective and efficient in spring cleaning is to stick with more basic supplies, such as a nice all-purpose cleaner and clothes. We can make some homemade cleaners and cleaning tools to save some extra money instead of buying things.


Top to bottom

Source: https://www.realestate.com.au/lifestyle/how-to-banish-those-cobwebs

While you are wondering where or how to get started for cleaning the dust, always pick from top to bottom as it’s the best and efficient way that saves lots of work time and energy. As it will force the dust to flow downwards and keep us from redoing the cleaning of the same space again and again. It’s always suggested to clean up the cobwebs from the fan and ceiling first before getting to the wall or floor. Get to dust the furniture and other stuff then clean up the floor so that you can remove all the debris at once instead of cleaning each time.


The walls and windows

Most people ignore or forget the walls and windows during their spring cleaning. Not all the dust and stain settle on the floor or furniture, so giving the attention that a window or wall needs are necessary. Still, it isn’t that hard to clean up a wall or window, all they need is just a damp cloth to wipe down the stains and blinds both inside and out. But using harsh chemicals may harm your wall and window, so it’s suggested to use some steam cleaner.


Handling the seasonal duties

There are a few things that need to be done seasonally. But we ignore them all through the season and rush to make things clean on the eleventh hour. Even though these duties need to be done once in a while, completing them on time will help your home look a lot better and smooth overall. Still errands outdoor may seem tedious like cleaning patios, grills, and windows, but with some help can be done without any problem.


Safety first

Source: https://extension.unh.edu/resource/farm-food-safety%E2%80%94-cleaning-and-sanitizing-food-contact-surfaces

Spring cleaning means unsettling the dust that set on furniture all season long. So, if you are a person who suffers from allergies or would react quickly while using cleaners then make sure that you are protected very well from dust before beginning any such activity. For a safe spring cleaning better wear rubber gloves, scarves, masks, and even helmets when needed. Protecting the skin using clothes can also prevent some allergic reactions and irritations.


Give a fresh look

You may feel that your place looks dull and boring, by making some tweaks here and there in lighting and colors can make all of a difference. Replacing old pillows and runners with some new colorful ones or getting in some art can change the look of your space. Adding in new bedding or window treatments can transform and prepare you for the upcoming seasons.


Exploring cleaning habits

A whole house of thorough cleaning can create a new cleaning to explore and also helps the next seasonal cleaning routine a great good. Few simple fifteen minutes cleaning routine or practice can make cleaning much easier as it won’t allow things to get very messy in the first place. Which aids to keep home clean all through the year.

Spring cleaning is not a burden, it’s more of a tradition. After all the cleaning process gets completed, the joy and peace we receive cannot be explained. Watching our home clean inside out gives ourselves the confidence and make us prepared to invite anyone at any time!

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