Light up – A guide with perfect lighting ideas for your home

Lighting a home has become more than a necessity these days. Good lighting can make a simple home more beautiful! Lightings can open or shed a mood, they mean security for children and the elderly.

Good lighting should be both effective and efficient. One needs to bring in the right mixture of art and science into designing while lightning the home. Let’s see some of the key aspects to light the home.

Light Fixtures

Placing a light where it should be is the prime step of lightning. As it provides us the freedom to control the glare, whether it should reflect or be direct, etc. As there are various types of fixtures for lighting, let’s see a few familiar of them.

Surface-mounted is open, but they are close to a wall or ceiling. They are commonly used in bedrooms and hallway.

Pendant types are divided through a chain, cable or cord. They are hanged over in kitchens, tables, etc.

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Portable types are those which can be used by just plugging their cord into an electrical socket. Desk, bed lights belong to this array.

Landscape lighting alludes to outdoor fixtures like pathways, gardens, etc.

Fiber lightings are popular in recent days as they can emit different colors and don’t have any wiring all through which makes them safer.

We need to choose the type of lightning and fixture accordingly so that they align and match the lighting design for our home.

The right light for the right place

We should allow the rooms to lay down arrangements for themselves which will require different layouts according to their shape and structure.

The living room is a place to make use of track or surface mount lighting at the center and place some floor lamps for the corners if required. For large furniture occupying the living room adding a table lamp is suggested.

The dining room is the simplest one to light. The ultimate source of light can be given through pendant lights hanging over the dining table and other important areas.

Kitchen lighting can get confusing to make lighting decisions. You may need specific task lights for particular work areas like a sink, stove, etc. Overall one has to start from wall lighting and move focal.

Bedrooms commonly use a surface-mounted light as the main source and follow up with portables like light lamps and dressers.

Bathroom lights don’t get too complex as they mostly allude with recessed lighting but for some romantic touch, certain task lights can be added.

Make your lights smart

If you are just starting to think of upgrading your home system into automation then starting from the lights is the best way. Replacing mundane lights with smart ones can take minimal effort but can have a huge impact.

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Smart lighting means that they can sync with your WiFi or Bluetooth network which lets people control the lighting with their smartphones, remote or even through the voice-enabled device. An interesting thing about smart lighting is the quirky features that bring along with it, where we can choose the hues, brightness and making a schedule when to switch on or off automatically.

Sliding colors

A special feature of smart lights is its ability to change hues, which can be altered according to our mood and mind. They can be programmed to change to any rhythm or music which can add to the fun part. Assume how warmer hues could bring soothing and peaceful mood during winter or sunset! All at your convenience.

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Set Accent

We’ve long been using lights to complement the space with accents. But with the latest advancements, lights come in all shapes and sizes, we can even highlight an accent. For example, we can place a lighting strip behind a PC, furniture, TV or under them which can utterly change the look of the space. Light strips come in different lengths and colors and are easily accessible these days at any shop.


Motion sensor lights

Motion sensing lights are one of the most useful developments in lighting as they bring different kinds of assistance with them. They help to calm our thoughts when we are aware that all the lights are turned off. They also cast fear while getting into a dark area of the yard or a garage as they get lit as soon as we get close to them.

People generally have a misconception that motion sensor lighting is expensive but they are very cheap and easy to install.

How motion sensors work

Motion detectors are a small device that detects heat and infrared waves that get emitted through moving objects, importantly warmer objects such as pets, people and vehicles. They tend to be lit from 1-20 mins or even an hour according to time we set and shuts them automatically.

A photocell turns off motion sensors during the daytime. A motion sensor usually has a 240-degree field of view and a distance ranging up to 70 feet, where both variables can be tweaked to meet our requirements. Sometimes an outdoor motion detector will respond to the movements of a passing vehicle, a dog or even for wind-blows.

Things to consider

As we mentioned motion sensors can get activated for the movements of a passing vehicle, a dog or even for wind-blows which can be an annoyance to neighboring people or pedestal walkers. Most house owners avoid motion sensors due to these nuisances. But we can easily overcome some of these problems like unwanted activation of sensors by adjusting the field of view and range carefully to narrow down the motion-detecting area. But one has to make sure whether the motion sensors they buy can change the field of view and range. Also, consider checking with your interior designer for more interior design ideas.

Designing with motion detectors

In these modern days, motion sensors are used for various applications which makes space more elegant and efficient.

Staircases are one of the commonly used places which could help elderly people at night.

The bathroom is another suitable place to have motion sensing lights as they can be very useful for kids.

The garage is one of the darkest places and fixing a motion detector will ultimately aid in every way possible.

As we have discussed designing our home with lights is a pleasure and pleasant. As much as we take care of them, they give back!

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