Making your perfect bed

The benefits of a good night’s sleep can bring is unmatched to any amount of nutrition we take or any number of hours we spend at gym workouts. A sound sleep is vital for the human body to keep us up and running every day. So choosing the right mattress and sheets to match them can not only give you healthy sleep, but it can also make sleep peaceful, happy and also beautiful. Let’s look into some details on making your perfect bed.

Getting the right mattress

If you feel edgy and restless in the mornings then it may be caused by your mattress. It would be the right time to change it. As there are different types of mattresses to cater to the different needs of people, choosing one that suits you is very important.

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As its name suggests Memory foam mattress contains memory foam which aids excellent support and relaxing. They are traditionally known for their hotness but with modern advancements, they are now designed in a way to provide fine cooling. They can be the best fit for those who want great comfort and adaptable sleep.

A latex mattress can give flexibility and solace. They will work very well for those who love great bounce. It’s also known for cooling capabilities. As it has high responsiveness those who like snuggling will love it,  those who prefer memory foam mattresses can avoid this.

Coil or innerspring is the popular and most commonly used type of mattress. They usually have multiple layers of spring coils to lend comfort and cozy feel. The larger the number of coils, the greater the bounce and cushion. So one needs to notice it properly while buying.

Pillow tops will align in the list of mattresses that have a soft layer stitched onto cover else stuffed in, Which helps in providing the extra bit of cushion for a soothing sleep. These suit for people who love the extra softness and cushion for their comfort.

Hybrid, as the name indicate they are a mixture of different kinds of foams. They are usually combined with memory, latex, coils, polyurethane, etc. They are mixed up in different proportions to benefit people with certain or specific needs. As these mattresses have multiple foams they tend to be all-purpose mattresses.

Selecting the right mattress is one of the key decisions as healthy nights of sleep are priceless.

Picking the perfect bedsheets

Statistics reveal that we usually spend one-third of our lives by sleeping, which makes it fair to spend a reasonable amount of time picking bedsheets for our mattress.

The number of choices that are available in stores can confuse buyers to choose from. So let’s look at some key points to look for while selecting bedsheets that will suit your mattress.


The choice of material is vital as it plays an important role in the feel and durability of the sheet.  Not only one has to consider the price but also the design, color, size, etc.

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Cotton sheets are made up of long fibers and are very soft by nature. One has to be cautious while choosing cotton sheets as they come in various mixtures with other materials like linen, polyester, etc. They can blend in with all types of weather, no matter summer or winter.

Thread count

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Thread count is another important aspect while buying bedsheets. There is an assumption that higher the thread count, softer the sheets. But that’s not always the case as it’s subjective to the quality of the cotton being used. So we should not be deceived by high thread counts like 800-1000. If we are convinced of the quality of the material then 400-450 counts should be adequate.

Weave and pattern

The weaving can have a huge influence on the look and feel of the sheets. Percale type of weaving is the most familiar type as it’s a widely chosen one.

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They are tightly woven which provides a cool, soft and fresh feel to the sheets. Whereas, sateen and flannel type can add extra softness and shine which would fit the cooler region. But just like colors, patterns come to a personal choice that would suit one’s taste.

Pillow and pillowcases

How do you feel about your neck every morning when you wake up? All answer depends on what kind of fill and type of your pillow. So we should select them wisely.

The kind of stuff filled can be based on the preference of the individual. There are three commonly used types of fill for pillows like polyester, malleable and memory foam.

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Feather fill hold warmth hence provides a cozy feel at cold winter nights. Thicker the fill, the longer they last. But in some cases, sharp edges of feathers can disturb that protrude through pillow which can be allergic to some people.

Spring memory foam filled pillows have the ability to flex according to our head shape to give us a comfortable rest we need. These fills are costly due to their high quality fill material.

Polyester filling tends to be the least expensive of these which still reasonable amount of flexibility. But they are less durable comparing others.

There are some other kinds of fill as well to meet the special needs of certain people, which can prevent any breathing problems and such.

Whatever the type of fill we choose the quality depends on the making of them. So it’s always advisable to buy pillows with high quality materials.

Size and color of pillowcases

Choosing a pillow can be based on our personal requirements like the size of our head, size of bed and others. As larger pillows can engulf the whole head, it’s important to choose them properly.

Colors can be selected to complement the ambiance of the room or according to individual liking which has the power to change our minds and make them feel at home and relax.

After all the day’s work and stress, beds can be our sole companion at times for our solace, which certainly deserves our attention and maintenance.

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