How to Maximize Small Spaces in Your Home/Apartment

Nestled within the hustle bustle of the city, we often find ourselves residing in small apartment spaces. With accumulating goods, we are unable to cope with our daily lives leading to clutter and disorder. However, we can incorporate various methods to draw maximum use from our limited spaces.

  1. Explore Vertically

One can indulge in exploring the often under-utilized and neglected space between the top of the furniture and the room’s ceiling by utilizing hanging or high-mounted elements. Be it bookshelves or cabinets that go all the way up, or by installing lofts, we can utilize these spaces.

For instance- Above your dining table, your light fixture could be customized to include storage space for your cutlery items or drinks, etc.







  1. Embrace Multipurpose Furniture

Pieces that can serve multiple purposes when placed in easily accessible and movable locations tend to work better for small spaces. For instance, a table could double up as a desk or a dining table, cushion cubes that work as both coffee-tables and seating.

Also, you can opt for low sitting furniture to accommodate loft spaces or overhead hangings. There are two approaches when it comes to handling the number of furniture in a given room. In some cases, like in the living room, it is better to opt for two small pieces rather than one big piece as the former does not tend to hinder traffic flow within the room and could be easily moved around.

However, in certain cases, like in bedrooms where movement isn’t the first priority, it is better to use big furnishings to provide for an organized and imposing look. 

  1. Built-in Storage

Bespoke fitted cupboards, storage nooks and customized furniture work efficiently in utilizing every nook and corner of your small space. Without losing much of area footage, the built-in systems tend to blend with the wall structure.

Above your water closet or your bathtub, storage with sideways pull could be used.

  1. Treating Wall Surfaces

Light hues like white or pale yellow tend to give the room a lighter and well-lit look. These colour tones provide for a bright backdrop for the furniture and other accessories to stand out.

Room dividers which come in varied shape and size along with added benefits of offering display or storage can work as partition walls. Where privacy is the only concern, Curtains can be employed. Furniture blocks like floor to ceiling bookshelves and wardrobes could also double up as wall surfaces.

  1. Creating Zones

Another primary step involved in maximizing usage from small spaces is to dedicate specific areas to certain functions according to your needs and accommodate the storage required for these functions, within that space. This enables to create a clutter-free environment promising a sense of clarity to your home. These zones could be designated by assigning furniture or having a specific coat of paint.

  1. Using visual cues

One can create an Illusion of a large space by using an array of visual tricks. To create a sense of vastness, opt for soothing colour tones for your walls and employ subtle pattern work to evoke a sense of grandeur. Using mirrors placed in deliberate locations, floor to ceiling curtains along with translucent fittings work extensively well for the above-said purpose.

Another way of directing one’s attention towards the loftiness of the room could be by displaying an artwork above the eye level. Having paintings and other framed works hung at a high level provides an illusion of an elevated space allowing the wall surface below to be utilised for other purposes.

Eliminating partition walls, opting for large windows and translucent furnishings could allow for elaborate views and reduce the bulkiness of built space offering an air of lightness.

Build narratives for your spaces where one flows into another by aligning furniture blocks along with walls or shelves to give an impression of larger space. Visual continuity of furniture could generate a sense of calmness.

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