Optimal design for a social kitchen

Interior planning is an ever-growing art and science of enhancing the inside of a building to attain a healthier and aesthetically pleasing surrounding for individuals living in the building.


The critical need for effective use of functional space and design for socializing led to the development of the contemporary interior design profession. The modernization of interiors has expanded the scope and function of the kitchen as a place not limited to just cooking but eating, drinking, socializing — a radical paradigm shift!! A structure modified to facilitate more familial participation, relationships with neighbors, host dinner parties, etc. The design of the social kitchen, therefore, needs to be well-planned and designed to promise a cool and congenial ambiance for social activities other than just making food.

Let us look into some key aspects which go into the making of the best social kitchen

1. Creating more space by rearranging things in the kitchen

The adequacy of space is the major feature that adds value to a social kitchen. Having enough space is critical for a kitchen to ensure easy interaction and access to the necessary things. This will encourage family members or guests to join in the process of preparing food.

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Open-plan kitchen-dining spaces is an apt model in the making of excellent social kitchens for Indian homes. These provide the perfect ambiance for a conversation with the chef while still enjoying space away from the cooking arena.

If you are building a new kitchen, an open-plan kitchen could be considered. If you already have an existing one being modified, you could still create more space by removing the wall that closes off your kitchen to the next room.

2. Fortifying and beautifying the golden triangle of the social kitchen

Whenever you design for any room there is an unsaid rule that is to be followed. This is where we make the focal point of the room stirringly beautiful. The focal point of the kitchen is where the biggest feature lies. This is where including a kitchen island comes into play.

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A kitchen island is a freestanding piece of cabinetry that is placed in a kitchen to supplement the counter top space. Recent modern interior designers in Bangalore, use a lot of innovative ideas to enhance the functional value of the island by placing more focus on the development of this intricate addition by adding sinks and modifying the surface of its top.

The multi-functional features and facilities of an island can make space and convenience for food preparation, cooking, dining, and entertaining. Adding seating arrangements that go with the theme of your kitchen around the island not only makes this place excellent for sharing conversations when people are around, but also having that late-night meal when you want some “me” time.

With much research done in the area of storage solutions, there are multiple varieties of kitchen island designs and shapes. These options have a vast variety of storage solutions and hardware attachments. The social kitchen can add on facilities to host a breakfast or even a lower the level of the dining table surface directly to the island, which further expands the space for more enjoyable interactions.

 3. Having good lighting that adds to the ambiance

A bright and well-lit room always feels loving and hospitable. Natural light is always the best way to do this. This means adding large windows or expanding existing ones to let the daylight and outside atmosphere in.

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Artificial lighting also is required as you can turn them on or keep them off depending on the theme of the occasion.

Lights with dimmer options is a great example of this as it will enable the users to create different ambiances to suit varying types of get-togethers. More focused lighting can be placed in multiple locations. This can be done to either provide functional light or to add decorative interest. These lights can be placed where people naturally congregate.

4. Creating social seating areas

The social kitchen should have appropriate areas for seating according to the type of activity and food in a day. Breakfast nooks or window bay seating are hugely popular features.

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The nook or window bay can also function as a place to engage in hobbies and as an ideal place for smaller social meals like sharing that piece of cake with your friend.

5. Incorporating entertainment technology

For some, a TV in the kitchen is something to be frowned upon, for others, it is a necessity. Television screens offer both social benefits and drawbacks, depending on your lifestyle and tastes.

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This can be a good method to utilize to help friends and family to bond while watching a favorite show or game, when cooking and dining together. For those that are worried about the ill effects of having a TV in the kitchen, you can cleverly cover the screen behind cupboard doors when it is not in use, thereby limiting the viewing time when necessary.

Then there are computer screens and smart home technology. A station can be made just to prop your tablet or keep your laptop. This is a great option if you like to connect with friends and family that are in another city or country, while you are whipping up something to eat right from your home.

Social kitchens: A relationship center

In the current fast world, interpersonal relationship is losing its quality and meaning. This is when a social kitchen plays an excellent role in creating space and an environment for healthy and sustained relationships.

Source: realtor.com/news/trends/kitchen-obsession/

It’s important to have the design that matches your needs, lifestyle, and social habits. When designing your new kitchen or upgrading your old, the above points could be considered to make it serve its purpose.

When you’ve made your decision to optimize your kitchen, you must keep in mind what kind of work goes into doing it and how much it would take. Your kitchen should not only look beautiful but should be functional as well. It is always recommended to hire a professional interior designer for a kitchen or a builder and their crew who will have these things in mind. Ensure that this person is highly experienced in designing the kitchen as you like and installing the same. You can also know the level of professionalism by looking up reviews that are posted about the interior designer. Set aside a few days to toss around some ideas for designs that will be suited for the size of your kitchen with the designer. Also, discuss the types of textures you are willing to bring in that can be created with various materials. The goal is to let the appliances and final finish of the kitchen to represent your style.

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