Quick and easy ways to Beautify Your Apartment’s Balcony

Balconies are little magical corners in our apartments, what better place than a balcony to get the outside into your home, the touch, the fresh breeze of nature while being in your comfy zone, sipping tea in Pajamas. We bought you few transforming ideas you might want to consider designing your balcony: Creating a cozy balcony is all about paying attention to detail and making something of its design. The choice of furniture and accessories can be crucial for ensuring the best atmosphere.

Who would not want to have a cozy balcony, where one can spend quality time reading or taking a power nap. Little changes can transform your balcony and can make it the most attractive corner of your home. You can also turn it into a little small garden or home office. Well-planned decor can turn your balcony into an urban oasis or it can turn to be your favorite reading corner.
Share your dream of having an extraordinary balcony with your Interior decorator, with the help of this blog you will learn a few extra techniques you can add on.
Connect with Book My Design and find all the inspiration you need to redefine your home decor. These little cozy corners have a lot to offer.
You can enjoy the fresh air in your balcony and spend quality time at this very place, so you need to make your balcony look great and cozy at the same time. Here are a few tips that will make your balcony snug!

Enjoy your own outdoor space with these clever ways to beautify your apartment balcony:
Go vertical, using balcony walls to hang pots or shelves might save you some space.
Try out simple furniture; you can try for some nice furniture so that you can enjoy your evening tea in your balcony. It will make your balcony worthwhile.
You can add a swing, they come in varieties. Depending upon the space you would like to utilize, you can utilize this space for reading books or for a short nap.
A fold-down table can save a lot of space and make look things fancy, have breakfast or your evening coffee.

Keep it simple, who needs unnecessary furniture; a small cabinet with storage can be used as a bed and do the job just fine.
Add curtains/ foldable shades. They might protect you and your decor from sunlight and rain.
You can add these pretty little accessories to your balcony to give that extraordinary look, and comfort.
Trunks – Use a trunk as a multifunctional piece of furniture to double as not only a table but a great place to store extra outdoor throw pillows, cushions, and/or accessories.
Crate Boxes – Upcycle pallet crate boxes as extra balcony seating or side tables. Customize the colors and patterns.
Tension Rods – Create a comfy sitting area on your balcony by adding pillow cushions with straps to a tension rod.
Rugs, add your favorite fabrics to give it a cozy bohemian look.
Light your balcony with candles, to use this cozy corner in the evening, add lights, they provide a vivid, flickering light, which makes for a cozy ambiance. You could place lanterns on your balcony floor and tea lights on the tables. This will provide different ‘levels’ of illumination on your balcony, putting the final touch to your balcony’s coziness.

We have a few tips based upon your preferences, ever wondered what sort of a balcony would match your personality, here are few tips.
For the Plant Lover, plants are such a wonderful way to add color and breathe life into any area. For this balcony decor look, add in a neat chair, some outdoor rugs, and a few ground-level pots and you’ve got a babe of a balcony. Make sure whatever plants you use work with the particular season as well as the amount of sunlight, direct and indirect, that your balcony gets at all points of the day.
For the Lover of Light, so much can be done with lights, candles even solar bulbs. Always choose them in combinations, things like lights with string lights, lanterns style, and wickless candles.
For the Uber Relaxer, comfort is your thing, achieve this bliss, you need a base and padding for the “bed”, some outdoor blankets and pillows, a little bit of lighting, an outdoor rug and voila. For that extraordinary look water feature, such as a small wall-mounted fountain or a table-top fountain, can bring the relaxing sounds.

For the Minimalist, a chair and a plant. All set. If the whole idea behind the minimalist lifestyle is less is just right for you. A comfortable cradle chair, cane furniture, can do it all for you, pair them up with some beautiful flowery plants.
For the Rustic-Type, to give it a rustic touch, go for wood and distressed finishes. Arrange some rustic flowers, add any accessories you like: candle holders and lanterns, with the color palette of your choice, combine this with a patterned rug and complete this look with wooden plant stand, hanging or still. This could be a sweet balcony to come home to.

Yes, we are not done yet, as there is so much to dream about that soothing balcony, so much can be done when it comes to your sweetest corner of the home.

These tips can come in handy once you have chosen your style,
Make sure your outdoor decor is weatherproof and mildew resistant.
Keep the size of your space in mind. Don’t choose pieces that will overwhelm. You will still need space to move around.
The plants you choose need to work with the life you lead and the amount of work you are willing to put in.
Don’t forget to check to see if your patio has an outlet. This will determine what kind of lighting you will need to choose.
Don’t be afraid to play with colors and patterns.

Don’t feel limited to just one style. We all crave an outdoor escape in the midst of city life. For those lucky enough to have even the smallest balcony, if all of these ideas are currently swirling in your head, you can now add more beauty to your balcony by contacting Book My Design.

For more outdoor inspiration, be sure to check with Interior Designers in Book My Design. Which of these creative apartment balcony ideas are you most likely to incorporate in your home? We’d love to hear your opinion.

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