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While designing the interior of your place choosing the right curtain that meets your expectations can be overwhelming at times. So, it’s always good to settle on what type of curtain we want in the first place. Decorating windows with curtains and drapes is an exciting way to build on the style and personality of space. As curtains are not cheap, changing minds later can be regretting. Therefore one needs to select the desired fabric, color, and rods for the curtains to begin with. Curtains are one of the centerpieces of attraction of any place which can set the tone of them. There are some important types of curtains to choose from that suit different people with a different preference, let’s look at a few of them in detail. 


Rod pocket curtains

Source: https://blog.drapestyle.com/drapery-pleat-styles-2

Rod pocket curtains also familiarly called cased heading curtains. For these types of curtains, a casing stitched over the top is left open on both ends. Where the curtains need to be hung on the slim curtain rod that connects through the channel and fits into sockets or hooks at the sides of the window. These types of curtains usually work well at places where they are less frequently operated as they tightly fit into the rod. 


Box pleated curtains

Box pleated curtains lend a formal overall look to the place. The box-shaped pattern that runs down to the full length of the curtains give tailored look. These types of curtains are ideal for rooms like dining, study or lounge. 


Pinch pleated curtains

This style of pleated curtains give a decorative finish to the curtains at the top, but still, it generally poses a formal outlook than the standard gathering to rod pocket. The pinch pleated curtains can go well with most of the fabric types. As far as pinch pleats concerned, there are four types of it namely, two-finger pinch pleats, three-finger pinch pleats, four-finger pinch pleats, and five-finger pinch pleats. The more the number of pleats, the more the cost and amount of fabric required but also increase the size and fullness. As pinch pleated curtains deliver a formal look, they are well suited to study or dining. 


Grommet curtains

Source: http://blog.halfpricedrapes.com/window-treatments/calculating-width-for-grommet-curtains

Grommet curtains or eyelet curtains are ideal for fabrics that weigh less and they have silver rings that thread through the header which fit into the rod. These curtains are a breeze to operate without any hiccups as they are easy to open and close. Eyelet curtains are suitable for kids’ rooms as they are less intuitive and easy to maintain. When they are combined with a formal fabric grommet curtains can pose a great look like a modern lounge or even for bedrooms as they are subtly designed. 


Goblet pleat curtains

Design at the top of the goblet pleat curtains is reminiscent of a wine glass. For it to stay that way they should be supported with wadding and interlining. If someone is in search of a sophisticated or a grandeur curtains design to suit their high ceiling places then goblet pleat curtains could be the one to complete their search. 


Tailored pleat curtains

Tailored pleat curtains are more or less similar to a pinch pleat type, as herein tailored pleat curtains pleat flow from the bottom to the top whereas it’s vice versa in pinch pleat. In some places, tailored pleats are also known as Euro pleats. Many people consider tailored pleat as more fashionable as they are less clustery. Tailored pleats may require a considerable amount of thick fabric to look the best as lightweight clothes would need linings to fare better while going with the tailor pleats. As tailored pleat curtains tend to give a modern look to the place they are present, they suit well for the living room or bedrooms.


Sheer curtains

Source: http://www.curtainsmarket.com/blog/2017/06/14/white-sheer-curtains-completes-the-decor-in-a-room

The delicacy of the sheet curtains leaves less room for any privacy as their fabric is transparent and very light which is still enough to block out some lights. In most cases, sheer curtains are used as secondary curtains to the primary one. Which denotes primary curtains that can be drawn back just to reveal the sheer curtains underneath to allow some light into the space with minimal visibility. Sheet curtains usually come in tab top design but can be altered to any type we require. Considering the lightness of the sheer fabric they are suitable for any room. They can be portrayed more formally when the top of the curtain is enclosed in a pelmet that conceals the curtain rod and the loops. 


Tab top curtains 

Tab top curtains are very similar to eyelet curtains which require a slender rod to hang on the fabric loops that are present in the tab top curtains. For their unusual style and ease of use tab top curtains go well with all kinds of fabric, they are evenly hung which gives folded repetitive look. As tab top curtains have more resemblance of eyelet curtains they fit well for bedrooms and kids room. 


Hanging curtains 

Hanging methods may vary for different kinds of curtains according to their requirements. While a formal curtain like box pleated need curtain tape runs across on a track, curtains with loops and rings need to be hung the curtain rods. Choosing the length of the curtain dictates the look of the curtains which plays a huge part to achieve what we desired. For a formal and modern look, one can use a puddling trick where letting curtains’ length fall up to the floor which creates a puddling effect. But it is always advised to use better weighing fabric for puddling as fabric too light can turn into a mess! For some contemporary looks, one can consider hanging the curtains just a few centimeters above the ground which in turn creates a tidy and neat finish, which could make a big difference in the look and feel of the space! Placing the track or curtain rod well above the window which allows windows to pose much larger than they are! 

Choosing the right curtains may seem like a daunting task but the pleasure we have when many complements our choice is matchless!

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