Redesigning The Corridor Spaces (Corner Spaces)

Often corner spaces or corridor walls in our homes & offices tend to be overlooked and neglected sporting a monotonous and simple look. But with little effort and a bit of creativity, we can revamp these spaces and provide for a breath-taking view. However before starting, one should take care that these walls are used in a manner without hindering movement, thus one should not resort to elaborate furnishings like study table or swing sets.


The easiest way to create a memorable wall for people to take notice is by involving plants, provided there is sufficient lighting. By creating a wooden frame, you can attach small evergreen shrubberies that are easily maintained. Small mason jars could be employed for potted plants and especially when coupled along with LED lights, they provide for a very pleasant view. Wooden carts could double up as shelves for shrubs equipped with chicken wire mesh for the plants to grow.

Photo Collage

One of the most creative and personalized ways of creating an indelible space could be by making a photo collage. Be it a single large framework of a collage picture or individual picture frames huddled together, they make for an exceptional addition to the wall. Ledges could be fashioned on to the wall surface, over which the photo frames could be placed, to accentuate the overall look. Available in myriad shades, ledges can enable a closer look and offer for easy replacing of these photographs.

However one does not have to limit themselves with photographs but can also incorporate elaborate timepieces or other showcase items, set within the tone of the display.


Providing seating facility next to an end wall of a corridor or near the foyer could offer a comfortable view. Preferably an ottoman with toned fabric matching the d├ęcor of the space could serve as an excellent place for one to relax. Pairing it with a coffee table or an overhead art work could enhance its aesthetics further.

Mirror Surface

For small narrow spaces, installing mirrors onto the opposite wall tends to offer a wider look providing an illusion of a bigger space. When it comes to mirrors, you can opt for varied shapes and sizes ranging from single large ones to a multitude of smaller ones with embellished frames which also serve for ornamentation purpose. Reflective surfaces like glazed tiles, granite finishes when coupled along with household plants or intricate lampshades tend to activate the space.

Feature Wall

Instead of opting for painted surface you can create a feature wall personalized for your taste and preference. It could be employed for displaying your exquisite collection of a particular article or could be reflective of the programme of the space.

For instance, a corridor wall could be used for displaying handicraft artwork collection, weaved baskets, embroidery work or book collection, comic books etc.

Similarly, if the corridor opens to a dining room, it can sport a collection of patterned plates or cutlery pieces.


Though we have already discussed the idea of shelving photo frames and leisure collections, one can further explore on the idea of shelving itself. Have you had old curtain rods that are lying around, seldom used? You can fix these rods to the wall one below the other and hang clamps for supporting your display. Small shrubbery pots could be hung and moved around offering an amusing display. You can also suspend wooden boards doubling as bookshelves. You can create interesting shelf patterns by including boards of varied sizes.

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