Renovate your bathroom

So it seems that you ready to overhaul and redesign your bathroom. But usually, people think redecorating bathrooms could cost an arm and a leg, whereas the truth is you can renovate your bathroom at your budget! As there are plenty of ways to alter bathrooms to transform it into a cool relaxing space. 

Adding or upgrading your bathroom will come under home improvements which adds to the value of the house. That means you will recoup a certain portion of the cost while you sell your house.

At first one needs to determine how much they can afford on the renovation of their bathroom, whether they are in budget and had to reduce costs by just making minor changes or have a bigger budget that gives them the freedom to do some large scale remodeling. Let’s discuss a few bathrooms redecorating ideas on both small and bigger budgets.


Play with tiles

Tiles can expensive at times, so if you are in a budget you can limit the use of it and emphasize more on high impact areas. 

But if you are all in, then bring out the artist in you and give that sophisticated accent to your bathroom with some crafty tiles.


Bright lights


Any house owners would want their bathroom to be bright and spacious. But the secret is, your bathroom will look bigger with bright lights. If you are about to invest largely in renovating your bathroom then you would surely don’t want it to go unnoticed in a dark and shadowy room because of your poor lighting choice. 

Whereas clever lighting like adding more windows, using different lights for different purposes and choosing surfaces with a reflective finish will showcase your investment in bathroom remodeling in an exquisite way.

If you have a better budget, then try throwing in some high tech lighting. You can add energy-efficient LEDs to your bathroom while adds elegance besides saving a few bucks. They can also be placed safely near water and programmed to change colors that make your time in the bathroom more relaxing and rejuvenating.


Bold flooring

The trend for color for bathroom remains the same for long periods now like neutral tones, to showcase and complement the metallic walls and expensive countertops. But now and then bathroom flooring needs its fair dose of graphic patterns to change the otherwise boring neutral choices.

If you still not feeling confident enough to overhaul the flooring with graphics then try going with a graphic rug over your untouched traditional flooring. As that lets you have the best of both worlds.


Get the curves

Gone are the boxy design trends, with all the latest advancements even bathrooms get the curves. As all the electrical gadgets around us getting curvier, it slowly slinked its way to bathrooms. One doesn’t necessarily impose curves all-over bathroom but can just pick two or three elements for the balance like picking faucets and fixtures with curves or that has round shapes, placing some wall hangings that helps highlighting curves or adding a curve to any one of the corners. 

One of the most demanded products these days is a floating tub, if you can afford do throw in one to add to curves.


Blended Countertops


Sinks are integrated into the same material of the bathroom countertops.  They pose a sleek and minimalist look that has lower maintenance costs than adding in a separate material. As there would be no seam where water and dirt get stuck usually, it makes it stay clean for a longer period.

One can also have an integrated sink style by placing an under-mount sink in the same color as your countertop.


Bath with nature

One more popular choice of a bathroom renovation is blending the bathroom with indoor cum outdoor experience. Replacing a wall with glass can give you a whole new feel while relaxing. Need not to worry about the privacy as there are switches to turn from clear to frosted glass in a tap! 

If you don’t have the luxury to integrate such technology into your bathrooms, here are few other things you could do to have a stone-age experience. Bringing in a wall full of plants to get outdoors in or have a zen shower with few low maintenance succulents around or even put in some river rock bedding by filling up with small pebbles.


In air vanity


For your bathroom to look larger, you can omit wall to wall cabinets and open up some more space. A clever to do this is by fixing a bathroom counter or vanity that gives an impression of floating in the air. An alternate way to achieve the same look is by skipping the usual cabinet vanity base and using a more like sofa table with an opening for shelves. But make sure that the table is deep enough to fit your sinks.


Tips and tricks

Here are some valuable things to remember while remodeling your bathroom, so that you can save time and cost. 

Choosing finishes that require low maintenance not only saves you money and energy but also extends the life of your renovation work and helps it to stay fresh for longer. For example, one can consider installing quartz countertops in place of marbles or quartz faucets to withstand the trial of time or placing glass doors for showers treated with anti spotting agents.

In modern days concern towards water shortage and rising utility bills keep increasing and have become one of the key selling points to emphasize energy efficiency. Not only it benefits the individual who follows it but also the environment he is in. So while planning to remodel your bathroom keep in mind to maximize energy efficiency through having tankless water heater, low flow faucets, insulated windows, LED lighting in place of incandescent ones and radiant floor heating.

Altering or restructuring our space always very important for us and done with lots of care and love, so completing it neatly should be the utmost priority. As they not only add to the beauty but also to the value!

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