Screened in Porch Ideas for Every House

The houses are more oriented to the back rather than the front yard; porches never are gone out of style. A porch is a continuation of the living space, as a welcoming refuge. Screened in porch can wrap around the house for an outdoor escape from any door.

Any individual in need of a new porch must consult a licensed contractor and an architect to ensure it is designed correctly. A deck or a patio is different. The  porch is an appendage of extension of the house. An architect knows how to create it and how to solve all structural issues that will be encountered.

screened in porch

Types of porches

You must know what type it is before designing, decorating, or building.

  • Open porch: this type is often associated with front porches, sometimes with wide steps leading to the porch
  • Wraparound: it is seen in old homes. These porches start at the entry and wrap around at least one corner and side of the house.
  • Screened in porch: it is popular in regions with four seasons and mosquitoes in the summer. The porches give you a fresh-air experience.
  • Covered porch: it is a version of the screened-in style. The covered porches are like sunrooms, with lots of windows that open to let the air in.

You only need to find the right type of the porch of your dreams. There are beautiful designs and models.

screened in porch


A lovely porch can be styled to become an outdoor oasis. It can be comfortable, mood lighting, an excellent place for a refreshing cocktail a step outside your door. The word porch makes us think of a summer evening. Sitting comfortably in a chair and contemplating the landscape, your evening will be relaxing and peaceful. A porch is like an outdoor room.

Remember that nothing welcomes guests like a well-designed front porch. It is the first thing people see your house, as it is perceived from the road. The detail matters for any hostess or host.

A porch can be a place of relaxation, entertainment, and reflects the owners’ taste in décor. Each porch respects the house style. Usually, homeowners ask for three common porches: portico or front entry porches, farmers porch, and screened in porch.

Front Entry Porches

A porch is the perfect form of small budgets. It is a small porch that covers the areas of your stairs, leading to the primary entry way to the house. A patio can be more extensive, to give a space to add some plants or chairs. The portico shields the guests from the weather as they wait to be let into the house. It can be an area to sit outside.

Farmers porch

A farmer’s porch is a style traditional in Old England houses. The porches are open air and can wrap around the sides of the house. Some farmer’s porch can be spotted by the sturdy beams that support the porch. These porches are popular as they create an additional area to live outdoors
screened in porch

An open porch gives your home a traditional look and feel. The spacious veranda is cover from the rain. It is a great area to sit and relax. You can name it an open-air mud room.

A typical farmer’s porch encompasses the front of the home. It may be elevated with an open staircase leading to the deck, or it can sit on the ground. The porch raised often boast posts and railings. To provide a more polished look, they incorporate white lattice beneath the structure

Decorating a farmer’s porch

Whether you have a porch, or you are considering including a new one, the front porch offers an excellent chance for landscaping. The way you decorate the porch will be different based on the porch dimensions and the season. There are tons of methods to make it somewhat; it is perfect for decorating. Your front porch is the first room of your home guests’ visit. A gorgeous house can make a great statement. There are simple methods to enhance the house without spending an excessive quantity of money. It is the best way to increase the value of your house. Porch columns are a focus of the front of a home. Your porch columns are an integral portion of your house, and it is vital to have them made from the same material and dimensions.

Rustic Decor

Timelessly appealing, the the rustic décor draws from old eras to blond the old elegance with modern subtlety. Unfinished wood, household goods, and organic attitude reflect the quintessential rustic style. There is no shortage of smart DIY implements. It is no other way to show off the rustic charm than the front porch. A lovely decorated front porch will delight guests and residents year-round.    

screened in porch

Screened in porch

It looks like a farmer’s porch instead of the outdoor factor, its screened in. You can enjoy the elements of outdoors, eliminating bugs and other insects. The many flooring selections vary widely in price. A cheapest option is wood floors. Sometimes, they do not hold up in direct sunlight and can rot when exposed to rain and snow. Homeowners often remove the original wood or cedar material and replace it with a combination of plastic and wood.

screened in porch

Advantages of Screened in porches

The benefits are apparent. Screened in porches let you enjoy your outdoor seating area if it is scalding or it is raining. They also detract flies and other insects. If the screened in porch, you will never have to worry about the weather (not including the sever winter). Screened in porches increase the value of your home and help sell it faster. If you use modern design techniques and standards, you will see a positive ROI the day you decide to sell your house.

Adding a new porch involves to check if it blends in with the rest of your home. If the design fails and the addition is visible, you won’t be adding as much as you could.

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