The top 7 best ideas for accessible drawers

A neat house is one that is organized even in all the nooks and crannies. Everyone has storage space at home in which we just dump stuff. We don’t really care how it is arranged as it is hidden away from people’s eyesight when they walk into the rooms of your home. Out of all the spaces we have in our home, the most compact of them all is our drawers. We have them installed in multiple places in our home, such as the kitchen, bedroom, and even the living room. It is definitely a joy to see cleaned our drawers as this not only looks good to the eye but also encourages us to go the extra mile and continue to keep it clean. Here are the top 7 best ideas to make the things in your drawer compartments more accessible.

Clean out your drawer


This is the primary step to any cleaning process. First, open up the drawer you want to clean to take a look at all the stuff you have there. Don’t get overwhelmed as this may be the hardest part of the job. Clear out a space to keep all the items in the drawer and take all the things out and place it in plain view. Divide the pile of things into things you want and things that you don’t need anymore.

Throw away the trash constantly


You would have noticed in the previous tip that you were collecting a bit of trash to throw away. Now, I’m not one of those people who would diligently throw away the trash in my bin the moment I find it. However, if we continue cleaning in this manner, we will have multiple piles of trash in different parts of the room or the house. To avoid this, have a dedicated garbage bag or a large carton box where you keep dumping all your trash. You can even pull this trash carton or bag along with you as you go through each drawer in the rooms of your home. This way you will be combining all the trash in one pile which you can just instantly throw away once your done, without being confused or giving it a second look.

Bring in the dividers


Use drawer dividers to add some compartments in your drawer. This way you are creating an allocated compartment for each of your things. You don’t even need to go out and buy fancy dividers from the store, if you have a bunch of unused cardboard containers, you can use them as well. Take the pile you need from the previous step and divide them into groups. If you’re doing the cutlery drawer in the kitchen, you can group the things you need into say, tablespoons, teaspoons, knives, and forks. If its the drawer in your work area maybe you could create separate groups of your pencils, pens, sticky notes, and other devices such as staplers and punching machines. If you cannot group items together by type, you could go by color too. Once you have all your groups in place, you can neatly place each group in a separate compartment in the drawer.

Create levels in deep drawers


Deep drawers are the worst breeding place for a mess. Get this under control by adding a new level of compartments to organize your things. Fill the bottom of the draw with a full-sized insert and organize some of the things you have. Next, bring in another insert that is half the size and organize things in there as well. Whenever you want stuff from the bottom insert all you have to do is slide the top insert to the other side and take out what you need. Another way you can tackle deep drawers is to keep tall things in it. For instance, if you have a deep drawer in your kitchen, you can store you large pots or water bottles in it and they will fit in nice and snug.

Keep away bulky items


This one is mostly for the bedroom. A lot of us have started storing clothes in our drawers. And we know that bulky items take a lot of space. Instead of hoggin drawer space, you could move these items into a separate bag to be kept elsewhere or place them on the highest shelf in your cupboard or move them to the storage that is under your bed.

Keep the tabletops fairly free


Sometimes our drawers may have a top where we like to display items that are dear to us such as a photo frame or a showpiece. When it comes to drawers such as these it is best to keep the top space mostly free so that you can use it to place items for a short while. For instance a book you read that day can be placed on the top until you are done with it. If you do want to show off that lovely family photo frame you can, but don’t crowd the top that it becomes useless to use anymore.

Store away rarely used items


While you are cleaning out the drawer and taking out the trash, you may come across another type of pile which is the “I’m not sure pile”. This is the one that contains things that you feel are too good to throw but are not sure when you would use next. Well, you don’t need to throw them away just yet, but they are definitely staying out of the drawer you just cleaned out. A good tip to see if you are attached to these items are not is to set them aside is a separate cover. Make a note of the time you did this and write it on the cover with the current date. Keep these things away in a box and put it away on the loft. Also, make a list of things you are keeping away and stick it on the inside of your drawer so that if you ever want to use them again you don’t go and buy a similar piece thinking you had misplaced or lost it, but can get it down again. Every six months or a year, when it is time to give your house an overall clean, take down the box and see if you did need these items any time previously. If the answer is no, simply donate to throw the items away. If the answer is yes, then you may keep them back in the drawer. 

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