The top, medium, and budget-range interior designers in Bangalore

When we think of interior design it is no more a term that brings about thoughts of how the rich people in this world try to amp up the style of their home to show off their luxurious status. Now the meaning that comes with the phrase interior design is more widely sought out by everybody alike. People from different walks of life want to make their home more presentable and at the same time more comfortable to live in. They also realize the high importance of handing the project over to proper professionals when the job requires a certain level of attention or if it becomes too big or complicated to complete. The interior designers who are very qualified to do this kind of work are skilled and have good taste that can literally change up a boring space to a place that you want to stay in all day long. They do this by looking at what they have to work with, managing resources very effectively and optimizing it so that every nook and cranny can be used in the best way possible. The best part about hiring a professional to do this job is that they listen to what their customers want rather than what they think is the best design. This combined with the knowledge that they possess will almost always give you quality results.

When we do some research on the specifics of interior design we may come across the term interior decoration as well. We should understand the difference between the two. An interior designer’s primary objective is to solve the problems of the living space. The designer will do this by making a thoughtful decision about how best to use a particular room or how best to place the furniture in that room. They do this and also see that the decision they make includes all the resources that the room has to offer without hindering the safety of people living in the home. This means that interior design is primarily done before the home is built or for someone who is looking to renovate a space. The way a home or room is decorated in this field leans more towards comfort and usefulness. Designers try and seek ways to also add some happy elements in that space that elevate to the pleasure of staying in that place. 

When it comes to interior decoration the terms take on a slightly different meaning. Here there is no element of breaking things down. All of the room is mostly intact and most of the arrangement is just altered or made better. The main things that come into play here are what to do with different colors, how they affect the largeness or roominess of a space, how do fabrics feel or look on different furniture and simple upgrades that don’t make any major changes to the home.

This clearly tells us that interior design can sometimes be daunting and needs skillful people to take over the project. It is indeed an art and science if you will and it can definitely alleviate your living space and make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes

In this article let’s look at some of the top, mid range, and budget interior designers who are there in Bangalore, India. 


Top interior designers in Bangalore

Décor Dreams

Décor Dreams seems to be India’s top interior designing company. They are specialized in offering a wide range of interior designing solutions for your home. These homes can be a flat or a villa or even an independent house. They keep customers first and give superb service to clients. They even claim that letting one have a Dream Home is a passion of theirs and they are able to to it in a very seamless, quick, and punctual manner.

Many types of works are done by them they are perfections in making modular kitchens, and overall design of the home. They even concentrate on Turnkey solutions for apartments and villas. The key services they deal with are the up-gradation of your wardrobes and any type of storage unit, bedding and related furniture, and wallpaper. They also provide services to add in a false ceiling for your home, work with new light fixture or painting ideas, partitioning your home with plywood walls or paneling, stone cladding. They also do your flooring and make it more rustic by adding in a wooden surface to your floor and work with the titling and minor civil modifications that you need.

3D Rendering is another interesting service they provide and should be taken up if needed. You can also re-design your entire bathroom. They work by including the customer’s thoughts into the design and add custom vanity fixtures and cases in the bathroom for you. The bedroom is also another room that they are accustomed to taking up and changing it around.

When it comes to other rooms they can add custom blinds and shades that shade from the sun during the day time and privacy during any time of the day or night. They also make custom bookcases and cabinets for your rooms to keep things in order. Does anyone need entertainment centers that are modeled to your taste? They do that too. Furniture can also be remodeled to one’s desire. If you want a home bar set up at your place they can do that as well.

Other things that they do are customizing your kitchen cabinets and shelving. They even make walk-in wardrobes for you. If you think about it, this is probably one of the most exciting interior design modifications to me as this creates a space that is filled with things that you own and that which you can call your own. They design dining rooms and help with furniture selection if you have a hard time doing that. If you are someone who finds themselves doing your work at home or you are a person who works from home then their home office designs should also intrigue you. However, if you are looking to beef up your entertainment room then their home theater designs should be the one to look for. They can also draft up a design for the kid’s room and also the kitchen and the living room. For the kitchen, you don’t have to pull everything down as Décor designs also have renovation and remodeling ideas. They work with lighting and staircase design as well.

The company promises to include a 5 year warranty with their work and a 45 days delivery promise. They are available in multiple places apart from Bangalore and these include Hyderabad, Pune, and even Mumbai.



Asense is another designer that has a modern take on the interiors and modular fixtures that they design. They hold dear the concepts that bring about a detailed and refurbished touch along with extensive customization. They are also based in Bangalore and focuses on apartments that people reside in and also modular kitchens in their homes. They work with customizing furniture and interior and kitchen design.



The S-Cube company embodies customization, quality, and customers that are happy and satisfied with their work. Designs keep evolving from day to day but S-Cube is a company that is able to keep up with the world trends. However, this does not impede them from keeping the customer’s preferences first. They are able to collaborate and commit to the customer’s needs and know their requirements, what kind of people they are, how they move about the place or use certain things. This helps them to design and it becomes the core of their work. They use data that they have gathered from the customer and make aesthetically pleasing designs for the home.

It also goes without saying that work without quality is not good work at all. This is what S-Cube follows when they try and implement their thoughts into actual designs. After the input gathering phase, they make a design of the project they are about to do in a detailed manner along with the needed materials so you can calculate the budget for remodeling your home upfront. Some of the basic elements they work with are the following components: wood, laminate, plywood, veneer, gyp board, granite, aluminum, and steel. Special materials like glass, mirror, natural stones, sandstone, and marble are also on their list of things they use. They also work with hardware and electrical fitting that are for the internal and external home. Along with that they also work with central air conditioners. Other works they do with quality are carpentry and electricals. They also have good workmanship with polishing and plumbing and also titling. That is not the only work they have up their sleeve. This company is equipped all the way with more of the intricate details such as false ceiling, painting, and also sofa making. This also comes with flooring. They have a skilled team where all of them are experiences and follow a complete structure and pre-laid plan. They control their quality with a work schedule that is drawn up daily and also supervision of their works so that they are able to deliver their project to you on time.

All of S-Cubes customers are satisfied as this company is committed to doing work at its fullest and perfect level.


Creative Axis Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

The Creative Axis Interiors Pvt. Ltd. company looks to redefine what cozy means and bring that into a person’s living space. They also have a keen lookout for what the customer needs and never overrides that with their own ideas. What they do is embellish the ideas given by the customer so that they feel like they’re at home and living amidst the style that pleases them. They like taking on challenges for making every space in the house a functional and liveable space so that nothing is wasted.

Creative Axis Interiors Pvt. Ltd. provides a range of services from 3D rendering to space planning. They also design a variety of spaces such as the bathroom area, bedroom space, home office room, kid’s bedroom, kitchen, and living room area. Basically, every room in your house can be designed efficiently by them. Other inclusions are creating custom bookcases and cabinets, custom entertainment centers for those lazy Saturdays, custom kitchen cabinets to make your cooking area seamless, custom walk-in wardrobes for that person who has way too many clothes, and the normal wardrobe design. They also work with designing and renovating floor plans and the remodeling of your existing kitchen.


CozyNest Interiors

CozyNest Interiors is in Bangalore and in the Whitefield area. They do interior designing for your home and are an expert in having a home that is functional but without losing out on its elegance. They can amp up your residential home with a luxurious touch by including multiple elements. They provide entertainment units for your living room and cabinets in any room you want. They also work with adding bar counters and setting up partitions in the room so that you can get the most out of it. They also know how to work with your wardrobes and can set up false ceilings. The kitchen is another room that they can remodel and the furniture of your home can also be upgraded. Other additions that they specialize in are wall cladding and texture painting and also custom-designed wall art such as murals. There is more to this than what is listed here as these are not just the things that they are capable of.

Many of the customers that CozyNest Interiors have had only have nice things to say about them. They have been rated a 5 when we see their work overall.


Artis Interiorz Pvt. Ltd.

Artis Interiorz Pvt. Ltd. is a complete interior design company that provides solutions in Bangalore. Their tag line is to create things that have style and comfort fused together. They see to it that this is done every day thereby helping them to grow as a company.

Designing things for the present-day homeowner is quite hard as the umbrella of likes becomes very varied and wide. But Artis Interiorz Pvt Ltd doesn’t keep this as a block in their work rather they take it on as a challenge. They use the most modern techniques that the world had to offer and add in details along the way to make their work unique. They also make use of high-quality items in their work and this doesn’t mean that they give up on the touch of luxury or elegance. They ensure that the comfort level never goes down and that your home is a place that you love to come to and wind down in. Functional and practical designs crowd their portfolio and this also matches the modern day lifestyle of anyone. They are an experienced team and also still learning new things and bettering themselves with every new project they get on hand.

Artis Interiorz Pvt. Ltd. as a company has a major core team that consists of 80 hardworking people who work on drafting the design and executing the plan efficiently. They ensure that they are able to deliver all projects on time so that the customer is also satisfied.

Artis Interiorz Pvt. Ltd. does 3D Rendering which will help you visualize your home even before you break it down or work up something from scratch. They also do bathroom and bedroom design. Bathroom designs consist of working with creating custom bathroom vanities. They know how to work with colors well, so if you need to spend some time consulting them on what colors to use and what goes well with others you can do that as well. Also like many other companies, they work with adding custom blinds and shades for any of your rooms and also customizing the bookcases that one may need. If you want something more specific, then a custom built in feature is the one that you should select. Custom entertainment units are also something that they do and also the furniture in your room can be refurbished the way you want. You can also ask them for customizing the cabinets in your kitchen. They also work with custom home bars and custom shelving. Walk-in wardrobes are another specialty they have and the dining room can be designed the way you want. For all those people who want to be fit but aren’t able to join the crowd of gym goers, the home gym design and also the construction is one option that is not to be passed over. However, if you’re more into work then creating a home office design is the best and they do that as well. To chill after a hard day a home theater would be a good option and they have design options for that as well. They also do laundry or utility room designs and staircase designs. Playroom and kids’ bedroom design for your kids is another art they specialize in. They take over your kitchen and living room and wardrobe as well and make it better. They do space planning and lighting design so that every space in your home is well lit.

All in all, they can make your dream come true for your home as they keep the customer’s preference always on top coupled with style and comfiness.


Nandita Manwani

Nandita Manwani one of the cherished interior designers in Bangalore. She created the company called The Studio by Nandita Manwani where they design interiors for homes. She has added her works online in a blog about home interiors and has got a fair share of views – about half a million.

Nandita’s work had come shining through multiple online avenues and she shares frequently with the Deccan Herald newspaper and is featured in various national and international newspapers and online spaces as well. She is quite famous that she was ranked as one of the top designers in interior decor among women in Bangalore and upcoming designers in the country. She treats her job more like a passion rather than a job.



The Ambiance company does interior work for people and starts it off by providing customers with a consultation for design, and painting. They also do floor plans not only for people who are staying at home but also for office spaces if needed.

The services they provide are of a wide range. They do 3D rendering of their plan for customers to visualize better. They also do bathroom, bedroom, and basement designing. They help you with color combinations and you can clarify all your doubts during the consultation session with them. As other designers they offer a similar range of services such as custom bathroom vanities and custom blinds and shades for your rooms Are you a bookworm then customize your bookcase or cabinets with them. Other built-in customization can also be done. Set up a beautiful entertainment system, theater design, and home bar to make your weekend night more enjoyable. Work up your kitchen and give it a fresh makeover. Do the same furniture and walk-in wardrobes. Hit your daily exercise goal with the home gym that they create. Design your new dining room as well and your home office if you want a space all to yourself. This team looks at designing at a holistic point of view so every room you can think of comes under their radar of expertise. This includes but is not limited to the designing of a kid’s bedroom, laundry room or utility room, designing of the living room, and also lighting for the home.



Get a total home makeover with the Spacecrafts company. If you have an apartment or villa then your home is the ideal customer for Spacecrafts. They come forwards with elegant designs for all the rooms of your home such as the living room or family room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and attached bathrooms, study room or office room, balcony areas, utility room, and other spaces in your home. Their designs include the remodeling and renovation of all the above mentioned rooms with custom made vanity area, cupboards or cabinets, blinds and shades, bookcases, and furniture, etc. You can also ask them to make you a floor plan to visualize your design before getting a head start on working on the actual remodeling. They do the design and delivery of customized entertainment centers, home bars, walk-in wardrobes, home gyms, home office, and home theater designs. They also work on the kid’s bedroom, and the lighting for any room you like.


Hyphen Designs

Hyphen Designs is a firm that does interior design. They are experts in working in different fields such as homes, office spaces, shops, and other places for hospitality such as hotels.

This company claims that our ideas and likes usually stems from the ideas that the world thinks is fashionable at that time. As the world’s viewpoint changes so do ours. Hyphen Designs helps people explore their individuality and learn what they really like and actually reflects their image. This data they then use to make their decisions more in tune with the customer and what they feel will speak volumes about them.

farmers porch

With a highly efficient and experienced team, they take you through a journey of guidance, design, and planning. They help you select from the unique plans they make for you and your home and also offer some helpful guidelines to ease things along and make you are purchasing a lot more smoother. They also have a customer support team that undertakes any kind of hitch in between this entire process and they are available right from the design phase till the very end of the renovation. The team also ensures that all through the building journey your dream isn’t lost and sees to it that constant supervision is held so that everyone is on the same page and you will ultimately get a design that you are happy with. From small projects to bigger remodels, or traditional designs to modern art work, Hyphen Design puts their team to tireless work just to make their customers stay happy as they see every one of the details come to life without lacking quality.

The process of working with this team is simple and direct. They first start off with a review round that is called the “Aesthetic review”. This is where they understand what the customer wants, likes, and dislikes. They then see what kind of lifestyle, the people are living, and what are the things that are an absolute necessity for them. Next, they enter the phase of space and volumetric planning where they see how each portion of your home can be used in the best way possible. This phase is followed by the next where the team talks about what material to use, the finishes that the customer prefers and the furniture that they want to incorporate into their home. All this is done by 3D rendering that enables the customer to further and more deeply visualize what their home may look like after the entire job is done. Then the team moves on to discussing the cost of the design that they have come up with and how long it will take to complete the project. You will also see who is involved as they do the project coordination.

Apart from the things discussed above Hyphen Designs does basement, bedroom, dining, playroom, kid’s bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, utility room, and bathroom design. They also discuss color with you and what suits you and the type of room you are designing. They customize a range of things such as bathroom vanities, blinds and shares, bookcases, and built in fixtures and organizational elements. They can also customize entertainment centers, furniture, and home bars, along with kitchen cabinets, shelving, and walk-in wardrobes. Other things they work on are eco-homes, floor plans, green building, house plans, lighting, and staircase. Other recreational rooms that they design are the home gym, the home office, home theater, and the wine cellar.


Interiors by Ranjani

This interior design company, as the name says, is founded by a person called Ranjani. They have spent over a period of ten years perfecting the art of interior design. The areas of specialization they do are working on the interiors for luxury villas, modern apartments and office spaces that are used for commercial purposes. The Interiors by Ranjani company is dedicated to bringing in the best team which can work in a very organized manner thereby making clients and customers very happy with their work.

The services they provide are bathroom and kitchen design. When it comes to the kitchen they can renovate or completely remodel the room for you. They also have sessions where you can plan out space in your home and how best to use it and also plans for landscaping. You can also discuss the architectural design with them.


PD Designs

PD Designs, which was founded by Priyadarshini, is a Design Studio that is based in Bangalore. She has had the experience of over 20 years and this has stemmed from interior designing, and also project for landscaping and architecture in the country and abroad as well. Like every good designer, PD Designs keeps the likes of the customer first and works on all her jobs in this manner. Comfortableness is not given up in the process and all the clients are very happy with the company’s work and it doesn’t lack quality and has high standards.

The services they provide are a variety that can satisfy any customer. Starting from Bathroom, dining room, and bedroom design, to advising about flora and fauna in the home, PD Designs does it all. They also work on adding custom blinds and shades for any room in your house just the way you want it. They work on custom built-ins and cabinets for any room or the kitchen as small projects and customized entertainment centers and home bars as bigger projects. They also customize furniture and shelving to the style that you want or they will help you select what furniture will go best with which room. They also make floor plans for you to see how everything looks. For working people, a home office design would be great and when you want to relax at the end of the day a home theater design would be even better. Other things like drafting a design for your kid’s bedroom or playroom as we know that these tiny tots need a few spaces that will truly speak volumes about them. Do you have a new little one coming your way, PD Designs can even create a nursery for you. Leave the lighting of your house in the hands of PD Designs as they will take care of it without any effort and will do a splendid job easily. Get your closets also designed by them and take advantage of their color consulting session as they take you through what looks best in what colors. One more under cherished place is the fireplace and PD Designs can spruce this up with custom fireplace mantels. If you have a need to make your pantry in a totally different design and look, then that can be done as well. You can also get customized rugs to make your home feel more comfortable. Any other storage such as walk-in closets or any other solutions in mind can also be brought to life. Design your entryways in a very unique style and also make your garage the best room in the house by getting the storage organized with them.

You can also get your designs made specially in a way that is handicapped accessible. Design your mudroom, sunroom, laundry room, sports equipment storage or room as well.


Blue Interiors

Blue Interiors is another company that prides itself on being familiar with a wide range of interior design work. They can do solutions for your home and also for a commercial place where your office is. They are experts in doing wood work and work out the lighting and other kinds of decoration for your home or office. They offer other services like basement design and bedroom design. They also do customized kitchen cabinets and a floor plan that you can make just the way you want to.


Mid-range interior designers in Bangalore



At Decorpot they believe that the way the inside of our home is decorated is as important as any other aspect in our home. Just as how people give value to the architectural aspects of a home, interior design should be given the same level. This company is an all in one solution for you be it you designing your bedroom, living room, or your kitchen. They work closely with residential spaces such as villas, villaments, independent bungalows, and commercial offices by clubbing elegant ease and functional usage all into one. They have plenty of customized plans that you can use starting from 4 lakhs. They ensure that they always cater to the specific individual’s needs and do so in the promised timeline. They can come up with designs so unimaginable that you will always be satisfied as the budget is also not that high. They also pride themselves in taking good care of the customer and always be the main point of contact for them so that all information delivered correctly and at the right time. They even have a 5-year service guarantee which you can take advantage of.


Design Arc Interiors

Design Arc Interiors is a team of skilled interior designers in Bangalore. They also boast about changing a customer’s dream into an actual reality. They can also close the gap for people who do not yet know what they want and bring about what they truly are on the inside in the form of design.

Design Arc offers works in residential and also commercial office areas. For residential, they concentrate on villas, bungalows, and apartments.

They include designs for the living room, modular kitchen and also wardrobes, bathroom, bedroom, and dining. They also work on other indoor spaces and outdoor ones as well. The kid’s room also is done by them and if you want a gym they can also do that. They work on stairways and storage solutions such as footwear storage. They can match any style you want to be it traditional or modern. For commercial designs, they see to it that the solution they provide meets the client’s expectations and matches the image that their company has and is trying to portray. You can get your office interior designer, or if you have a retail space you can do that as well. Even if you just want to design for a small space or a shopping mall this company is up for the challenge. Other things that they design are community centers and libraries, museums and warehouses.


Ace Interiors

Ace Interiors helps you design your home with cutting edge software and an expert designing team. They know how much professional workmanship is needed and aims to provide just that. They do this by making sure that customers are involved in the entire process and that their needs are clearly understood. As they work they ensure that they deliver what they promised so that the customer is eventually left happy and will always enjoy coming to their new home.


The team uses their skills to pick and choose the right set of colors that go with the theme or mood and bring out the ambiance that you want to bring. From neutral, pastel, or bold, and placid, sultry, or dark colors, all the colors and their associated meanings can be carefully thought through and accomplished. They drill down to the details and ensure that each wall or crevice is taken care of and furnished well.

Ace Interiors services people who live in residential places and do their designing work in Bangalore. They work with quality and do anything you are dreaming of and walk towards making it a reality. The best thing is that they don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution and ensure that each one taste is brought through. Every preference is given weight and is different from what others will want from their home. The options they provide to customize your home are endless from complex patterns to modern motifs, everything can be done.

The main services they provide are a master bedroom, guest, and even a children’s bedroom. Other rooms in the home can also be designed by them. They also work on setting up the perfect lighting at home. They ensure that the setup provides ample lighting to your home and brings about a sense of calm and clear. Natural light is always the best but when it is not there artificial light is necessary. Unlike natural light, artificial light can always be molded to bring about certain styles and feelings by choosing the right color of light and the correct light fixture. From pendant lamps to bedside lamps, wall sconces to swing arm lamps and even floor lamps, the right set of light can easily blend into its surroundings and enhance the theme and illuminate the place.

Other services they offer are the arrangement of furniture. You can allow Ace Interiors to work its magic and set up your room based on the space and the way you use it. Every design or arrangement they come up with will ensure that you have enough breathing space and also a place to move around freely. They also know how to manipulate a room to make it look larger by the size of the furniture they select. Another thing they work on is the flooring of your home. They take into account the feeling of the floor, the amount of time it lasts, and the amount of time and resources that are needed to help with the upkeep of the floor. From vinyl floors to hardwood floors, or even a carpeted floor, they know how to balance our style with the other things you have in the room perfectly.

They also design office spaces, complete home renovations, and design actual furniture.



This is another famous designer who has a studio and warehouses across India. They can also be found in Bangalore and you will easily be able to get designers to help you design your home. You could even walk up to their store and get some inspiration from their neatly laid out mock-ups of different rooms in a typical home.


The best-bang-for-the-buck designers in Bangalore

GJ Studio

The owner of GJ Studio is based in Bangalore and is an interior design consultant. They claim that they are able to turn simple things into something more by adding more elements and things that they have come across with their experience in the interior designing field. The size of a space doesn’t limit their creativity but only enlarges it. This way kitchen customization and adding the customer’s personal touch is an easy feat for GJ Studio. Their team includes another young designer and backed up with a team of craftsmen who are passionate about their job and take on every project as a challenge to create beautiful pieces that are unique in its artistry.

The services that GJ Studio provides are bedroom and bathroom design including custom made bathroom vanities or remodeling the bathroom as a whole. The bathroom also can be designed with tiles and light installation. They also know how to work with colors and can do a session of color consulting with you. Similar to other designers they also can do customize blinds and shades for any room you want. They can draft up a plan to customize your bookcases, cabinets for rooms and the kitchen and also furniture. Again if you are a person who likes you enjoy and have that access at home they can work with making up a home bar for you. Other than that they can also do a home theater design for you. Walk-in wardrobes are another thing they work apart from the designing of the actual wardrobe. The wardrobe design coupled with their lighting design ideas and space planning drafts, you can be sure that the place you are living in can be spruced up in no time. One of their practical designs is the laundry room or utility room design. In our busy schedules, we tend to forget that these are probably the spaces where we step into every so often. Having these spaces designed to our liking and also keeping it functional can bring about so much fluidity in our day to day lives. They also do floor installation and complete renovation or remodeling of your home and also work with light installation. They also do remodeling of your kitchen as well.


Inner Space

This firm is found in Bangalore and specializes in a holistic design for your home. They especially concentrate on residential areas. Although they are not a large team, they are quite energetic and can get your work done in a classy and unique way.

The services they provide you with are 3D rendering which will draw up your resultant home in 3D so that you can see what the future of your home will look like. If you have a basement in your home you can create a design for that too. The bedroom, bathroom, dining room, kids bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, utility room, staircase, living room, and playroom.

A session of color consulting will solve most of the issues that you find in different rooms as you learn how to place things of different colors together. Custom blinds and shades can be made too along with custom bookcases and custom cabinets. You can also set up a custom entertainment center and home bar to entertain all your guests. For your bedroom or closet space, they have a custom walk-in wardrobe design that will satisfy you. To keep yourself fit to set up a home gym with their help or a home theater to watch your favorite flicks.

Finally, you can get help with selecting your furniture or planning out the lighting or space for your home.


The Mustard Nich’e

“The Mustard Nich’e” is an interior design company that offers a wide range of design services. They focus on making customers’ visions come true whether they are staying in a commercial site, retail places, or residential places. The company uses the most advanced latest innovations in technology or materials and finishes. They can even do a false ceiling or a changing room or even your furniture. They also use 3-D applications and technology and concepts to help you visualize the place before we build the actual home. With high skill and long years of experience in the field, the team is all geared up to contribute to the best designs you can imagine that is sensible and also to your taste. They also design all the rooms of your home such as a bedroom, living room, dining room, and laundry room. They also customize a ton range of stuff from built-ins to cabinets to furniture to walk-in wardrobes. They also do bookcases and home bars. They can also do entertainment centers and festivals and holiday decorating if you are round the corner of a holiday get together. Floor plans and furniture selection come along with everything and you can also take advantage of their space planning and universal design skills. For the children of your house, they have a playroom design, kids bedroom design, and home theater design that can also be used for the entire family. The kitchen is another room that they are skilled in where they are able to renovate the entire kitchen or just do a bit of touch up here and there. They also work on the staircase design and lighting design. Finally, you can also set up your home gym and home office with their help.


The Karighars

The Karighars is a company that is fully dedicated to home interior design. They have an experience center that is beautifully set up and is probably one of the best we have ever seen in Bangalore. They are fairly new but this doesn’t stop them from reaching heights. They are able to do this by being current in the design field and always making the right choices in regards to furniture and anything design.


FabDiz Interior

Fabdiz Interior is also a good interior designer that has an experience center in Bangalore. It is also pretty good, similar to The Karighars, and far better than any others in Bangalore. They are also new to the industry and offer you with good furniture and designs. They have good reviews online, a nice completion rate, and wonderful success stories online.



This company also has a couple of experience centers and showrooms across Bangalore which anyone can visit to get a good idea about what they offer. However, they are more keen on the kitchen that other rooms. They also have good reviews online, a good completion rate, and nice success stories online.



Designing may be a difficult thing to understand, but once we know what we are dealing with, remodeling or renovating your home will become a piece of cake and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The only thing we need to watch out for is to know the right terms and not get confused between an interior designer and an interior decorator. People who have a strong education are what makes an interior designer, however, anyone can become an interior decoration without having that fancy degree. The degree just adds more technical knowledge such as building codes and laws of the land which is definitely necessary for an interior designer. Designers work with styles and usually ensure that they focus on the person and not let the person choose from a limited set of designs. This is very important and as a customer, you must never be persuaded otherwise. The best interior designer is the one who puts their own knowledge in the back seat and only uses it as a guide but allows the user’s needs and wants to take the limelight.

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