Turn trash into treasure

When we go out to buy new things, such as furniture, we tend to buy something that will last us for a long time. However, depending on our usage, the strength of anything will eventually fade. Throwing out items without seeing if we can stretch out its lifespan and give it another chance, is not only an unwise decision but also one that will hurt your pocket. Easy and clever ideas tend to give everyone the encouragement to start their DIY journey. So here are a couple of repurposing tips and tricks to help you create stunning pieces for your home.

Convert an old frame to a jewelry display case

Source: Photo by Petar Petkovski

All of us are a little guilty to have bits and pieces of our jewelry lying around. The reason for this is that when we buy our precious trinkets we get them neatly packed in a box. We then open it and fault it for the first time. After a tiring day of fun, the first thing we do is remove our ornaments and keep it on our nightstand or an accessible place in our wardrobe. Many a time we even convince ourselves that it’s ok that it isn’t going back into the box and we can save time opening it up again when we have to wear the jewelry the next time. The simple solution to this is to have an easily accessible place to keep your jewelry that is practical and also attractive. All you have to do is find a broken frame, leave out the glass in the middle and retain the outer base. Twist a piece of fancy thread or wire around the frame and spread it out evenly or unevenly depending on the length of earrings or necklaces you have. When you want to use it, simply clip on or hag your ornaments onto the wire and this will create a fun and cool display.

Give up broken straps and fancy up your slippers

We all know that our bathroom slippers are something that we use almost every day. The constant use of these slippers will tend to wear down the straps faster. Sometimes we end up with a broken strap when we are walking from one place to another and will have to continue barefoot or walking in a struggled manner. The solution to this is to throw out the rubber staps and use macramé techniques to whip up straps of your own. These straps will not only add that decorative element to your slipper, but they will also last you quite a bit. And if they wear down you can always make yourself another set.

Convert bottles into charging buddies

Have you ever been around the house and saw that your phone needs to be charged immediately. You find a plug point but realize that the only flat surface that is nearby where you can rest your phone is the floor. The wire for your charger is unfortunately too long and you may have to dangle your phone in the air or drag a chair from somewhere to prop against the wall. Instead of going through all this trouble you can find an unused bottle, preferably the slim kind, and one that is bigger than your phone. Next cut out a place in the top half of the bottle that is the size of your charger head. Slice off the remaining unused part of the bottle in such a way that you can plug your charger through the hole made in the bottle, attach your phone and rest the phone in the bottle. Paint the outer area of the bottle in a bright color and you’re good to go.

Size down your old tables

Due to reasons such as overuse or broken legs, your dining tables can lose the luster it had on the first day. One interesting way to repurpose this is to saw down the table into two. You may be wondering how the table is going to stand with just two legs on the same side. This is where any wall in your house can come into play. Cutting the table down helps you get rid of the damaged part and affix the good side to the wall and use it as a walkway storage area. This hack is a functional way to get the most out of your table. And since the free edge of the table is mounted on the wall, it not only saves you space but also doesn’t need all four legs to be workable to be operative. Throw on a little paint and your table is good as new.

Break down old places and spruce up your plant pots.

Old places that are dull and broken can be given new life by breaking the plates down to even pieces and gluing them only your plant pots. A mosaic theme can easily be achieved by combining colors in a clever way. Top it off with some white cement just like how they do when they finally seal off the tiles in your bathroom and you will have yourself some pots that people will think you paid plenty for.

Reuse broken clips as vintage doorknobs

Source: DuctTapeAndDenim.com

When we come across a broken clip or a chunky piece of jewelry, we usually throw it out. Try this hack where you can add a screw a the end of each piece of jewelry and fix it onto drawers, cabinets, or the doors of your rooms. This will give a pricey look without you having to shell out all that money. You can even match up two together by giving each one the same coat of paint from a spray bottle. Metallic colors, like silver and gold, will really bring that chic look to your place with less effort. 






You don’t need to be creative to keep reusing items as these suggestions given above are simple to follow. Go ahead and get inspiration from this list, make use of these awesome ideas and recycle or reuse your broken household items to make the best use of the things you own. 

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