Vintage Modern Décor – The Latest Trend in Bangalore Interior Design Market

“Contrasted with the stark white interiors and the marble flooring, stood an old dark oak table from the Victorian style…” These lines more or less describe the fever of the vintage themed decor that has been going around for a while.

Vintage clothing collection, vintage themed wedding, vintage decor are phrases that one often hears about. So what exactly does the term denote? Though the word itself may be interchanged with words like rustic and antique, each has its own interpretation. Before we indulge further, it is quintessential to know the varied aspects of it.


A vintage theme resorts to the use of items and decor that are from a certain period of time or are items that have grown ancient, such as an old suitcase, an antique typewriter or other old instruments, floral china etc. These items may have become obsolete now but tend to be a reminder of the time they belonged to. A wicker suitcase and leather box may be used as table, an old wooden ladder may be used as a shelf.


Rustic represents an outdoorsy or countryside look; Earthy tones, unfinished wood work, natural products like leaves, barks with emphasis laid on texture are commonly used in this type of decor. Varied items like Mason jars, handmade wooden signboards, chalkboards, etc., are often employed.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic describes a softer, lush cottage style; items tend to have an affected feel of being weathered or distressed look showing signs of wear and tear or have a visibly aged look. New items are made to look ancient, or vintage materials that have been used to created modern items are also used in this style.

Apart from individual elements, this style is also brought about by the use of old construction techniques; barn-type with exposed wooden beams, re-purposed buildings, etc.

Vintage style serves as an agreeable alternative for people who have a penchant for the old style yet prefer a modern outlook.

Indulging in a complete makeover of a given space could be a tiresome and an expensive process. Instead one can start with small craft works that would not only be a creative expression of oneself but also elevate the overall aesthetics of the room.

  • Have you had a collection of old coins which you want to put to better use? You can glue them to an already existing photo frame. Not only have you created a vintage styled piece, but also a showpiece displaying your extensive coin collection.
  • Model out old wooden crates into an amazing shelf rack.

Mixing up of different styles have often led to interesting aesthetic effect when it comes to interior designing. You can always involve yourself in experimenting with varied themes to bring about the best look for your house.

Indian Context

Though Vintage has had a broad appeal, in the Indian context, ethnic decor has risen in prominence with its vivid use of antique items and artefacts. Ethnic decor has a sense of grandeur and splendour with its wide use of exquisite lamps, Indian handicraft works and wooden furniture of intricate workmanship.


Lambani Embroidery

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In a city which boasts of huge green spaces, vibrantly painted city walls and authentic theatre experience, Bangalore sure resonates as the cultural hub of India with its rich variety in art, music etc. At the same time being the Birthplace of IT giants and other enterprises, Bangalore also stands out as a symbol of modernity. A perfect amalgamation of modern and indigenous marks the very essence of Bangalore which could be brought about similarly into the interiors of our homes.



With access to major handicraft industries; Bellary Lambani embroidery, Wooden Inlay Work, Shimoga, Bidar – Silver Inlay Work, Bidriware, Channapattana and Lacquerware Toys, we could easily adorn our homes with these crafts work  and bring about an enlightening mix of culture and authenticity to our homes.

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