Wall Shelves Styling Tips

Wall Shelves Styling Tips

Decorating with Wall Shelves : Conventionally wall shelves use to provide more storage on the wall, the only intention behind constructing one shelf used to be to hold things which can’t be kept in closed cupboards, over the decades use of these shelves have evolved, they are key décor element nowadays, they can be included in living room to flaunt your collection. Its functionality has been completely morphed in the new world of décor. It can now be transformed into fundamental, décor pieces in the home with just a hint of balance. It still can be used to support storage the same as it uses to be conventionally. But they can’t be boring, unfit or unmatched with the rest of the decor, they have to be trendy and posses some sort of statement.

Location or positioning: The way you have placed your shelves, plays a significant role. Pre-Prep yourself and your decor, before you start fixing and nailing it on the wall, plan it first, draw a proper layout, explore the different available designs and then try and match it with your decor. Several different arrangements can be chosen to fix the shelves, based upon the décor and requirements, Wall corner or wall shelves design on the center of the wall can be made. Either fix them at close and an equal-distance or little far from each other choosing different heights to give it a natural and unique look.

Avoid over decorating: True, they are meant to store your stuff, these days you get Beautiful, and wall shelves for decor, these shelves can give a very modern look to a boring corner, they have power to convert any dusty corner into attractive, focal point. Need not to overdo anything, stacking up with many beautiful objects will not give it a great look, So, don’t treat them for dumping everything and anything you wish. Decorate them and make them beautiful. Place some pictures on one shelve and maybe souvenirs on the other. But, avoid overdoing as minimalism is in the trend these days.

Add Diversity: Utilize the floating shelves to store and decorate you can try by putting different things on these shelves. You can experiment with a variety of different objects, don’t just restrict to décor items or books and plants. You will realize that these pretty little shelves can add a lot of beauty and definition to the home.

Balance and experiment with different Colours: Get that balance while; you create product diversity on the wall shelves, think of a color theme too. Avoid using similar colors rather, plan and use a wide varied theme of colors and spread them on the hanging shelves to achieve that perfect balance and equilibrium.

Preserved or Memory Art: All adorable activities your baby does can be captured and placed on the shelves, or anything that you have collected while traveling can be placed here too. You can put small wall shelves at different lengths and have childhood doodles like an art gallery in a living room or your kid’s room. These art pieces in which you can capture memories and decorate them nicely on the shelves.

Accessorize your wall with the shelves: Your décor says a lot about your personality, you can gather all your accessorize neatly on the shelves arranged in the staircase or horizontal/vertical manner. It could be a stone you bought from a beach, leaf you framed and decorated, picture from your travel journeys, your family or childhood memories, celebration clicks with friends anything which says a lot about you, capture them, wrap them neatly and add them on the shelves, stay quiet but express your personality through these shelves.

Places where can you put the shelves,

1. Above or around TV Unit
Shelves around TV unit give so much coverage to the wall, and makes the wall attractive, this means the only TV doesn’t stay the attention point. So much more can be done around the TV.

2: Display the antique dishes on walls
Add a few shelves between your kitchen cabinets. Display the antique dishes on walls, and replace or switch them depending on the time of year or season.

3. Miniature Book Collection
Reading is best and common habit, if you are one of those who loves collecting books, you can store them and display them on these shelves and make a statement. This will not just only look elegant but also will hold up your book collection, books stay organized.

4: Decor with Statement Piece
Add some accessories, memory pieces, plants, stones, candles on the shelves.

5: Shelves for Laundry Room Storage
Increase your storage space with a few extra floating shelves and upgrade the functionality of your laundry room.

6: Bookshelf
It can be your mini library hung on the wall.

7: Storage for Kids
Kids love and need décor storage, which is easy to access.

8: Shelves in the bathing area 

These shelves are so handy in the bathing area, as they can hold several toiletries, in less space. Plus they give a pleasant look to the bathroom décor. Any bathroom is incomplete without shelves.

9: Hallway Update
You can hang some shelves in the hallway if space is sufficient.

10: Color Pop
You can even use wall shelves to add a splash of color to a room. It adds visual interest to the wall.

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