Ways to make your home look fresh, recommended by interior designers

You can have an elegant home on a budget; our interior designer give you a few pieces of advice. Here are a few tricks. It looks complicated, especially when you have a tight budget. There are ways that you can get the look of your dreams. Interior designer share a few secrets to make your home look elegant and fresh without breaking the bank. Add some pillows and a new coat of paint, or a spectacular chandelier. You also can apply new treatments to your hardwood floors or windows.

Tricks from our interior designer

Here you will find simple and inexpensive ways to give your home a new look. With a sharp eye and on budget, you will provide your home with a modern look. It is all in the details. When it comes to embellishing your home, details are the key.

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Wide Molding

Crown molding has a modality to make a room look finished. It brings the walls and ceiling together, giving them a classy appearance. Without this finishing touch, the rooms will look unfinished and cheap.

Crown molding is cheap. If you chose the plastic versions, it becomes affordable. There are many widths, but for the best effect, accepted the most extensive trim that your budget allows. For a significant impact, add all types of molding to your home. Try ceiling beams, ceiling medallions, crown, or high baseboard. Wider crown molding is a great way to add a touch of custom-built elegance to your home.

Color matters

Paint color is the most difficult decision to make. Painting the walls may be one of the more time-consuming and expensive tasks. There are things you can paint to give a new life to your appliances and furniture. Paint old wood or furniture with easy-to-use paint, in shades of white and gray.

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Upgrade the hardware

Switch up your hardware finishes in the kitchen (knobs and drawer pull), and you will add subtle details to stand up in the kitchen. The secret of the redesign is to give a kitchen, outdated pieces of furniture, and bathroom a new look. You can do it with minimal costs. Search for inexpensive and stylish pieces, from bulk hardware stores. Stop to an antique shop or flea market for knobs and pulls that are affordable, unique, and elegant.

Fresh flowers and greenery

Incorporate flowers and greenery into your house. The flowers are a cheap way to add colors and texture to your rooms. Add some decorative vases, filled with local garden flowers, and you will have a new level of comfort and hospitality to your house.   Learn to arrange your bouquet with grocery store flowers. It is inexpensive and easy.  If you need neutral colors in your house, buy greenery, it is easy to care for, is pretty and decorative.

Illuminate with lighting

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A cost-friendly trick to make a room more expensive is incorporating lighting pieces. You need to consider the light like the jewelry of the room. Lighting is a great accessory of your room’s new look. You can find pieces with interesting detail, different shape, and attention-grabbing. Eliminate the shadows using lighting in various bulb sizes and heights. Interior designers’ advice is to use LED lightbulbs. They are energy-efficient and affordable. LED light bulbs are long-lasting, eliminating the frequent bulb replacing.


Mirrors are beautiful near lighting pieces. You can place a few mirrors, accompanied with perfect lighting. Mirrors create the illusion of a larger space. Hang some mirrors across a lighting source, like a lamp or a window, and you will create a miraculous illusion. A large mirror increases the functionality and widens the space. It also makes your room look larger. You can hang many mirrors in various shapes and sizes, creating an eclectic design on your walls. If you prefer simplicity, a unique, large mirror creates a styled and elegant finish on your wall.

Less furniture

If you want to make your home to make it look expensive, follow the advice “less is more.” Too much furniture and too many accessories make space look small and overwhelming. Interior designers’ advice to keep your furniture minimal with pieces that you need. Go to each room and ask about the purpose of each piece of furniture.  For example, if you have a chair, no one ever uses, it is a good idea to get rid of them.


After completely cleaned your house, you can incorporate a few pieces in a room. You can add more comfort and improve your house interior design. You can hang curtains near the ceiling to create a stylish look in your home. Long curtains create the illusion that the room is larger. Place a few pillows in the seating area to create a stylish tone in your room. Try to find fashionable pillows with minimal design. No need to spend lots of money to buy great décor. Find affordable home décor stores online or store.

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If you have wood floors or parquet, add a rug to make the space inviting and cozy. A rug can be the best touch to pull the room together. Be careful when you choose the rug dimensions. It must fit your space. Using a small rug makes space look cheap.

High impact

When you try to add value to your home, no need to spend your savings account. Incorporating interior designers’ advice into your home, you will obtain a high impact that will transform your space. Achieving the look of your dream is not as difficult as you think. Apply our interior designers’ secrets, and you will push your décor in a proper direction. You need to choose the simple color palette: white and black. Pop of color with pillows and rugs. A Moroccan rug adds a geometric print. Never forget the lighting. A chandelier is the jewelry of your room. A new trend is color blocking. To start, you need to match the paint color to the main piece of furniture. The secret of color blocking is to find complementary colors that create a stunning, stylish room.

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